France to prosecute girl for false accusation against school principal over headscarf dispute

By Esther Muhozi
On 29 March 2024 at 03:46

The government of France has announced that it will take legal action against a girl who falsely accused the head of her school of hitting her because she wore a headscarf used by Muslim girls and women. This comes after the teacher resigned, stating that he received numerous death threats and chose to resign to save his life.

The decision to prosecute the girl was made following the beheading of two teachers in France in 2020, acts that were reportedly carried out by individuals with extreme Islamic beliefs.

According to the BBC, the school principal resigned last Friday, but both the school he taught at and his name have been kept confidential. In an email to the teachers he led, he said he resigned due to the terrorism threats that indicated he could also lose his life, highlighting the difficult decision after 45 years in education.

The dispute between the teacher and three female students happened on February 28 this year, at the school he had been at for seven years. The girls entered the school wearing headscarves, which the principal asked them to remove to comply with France’s current law banning religious head and face coverings in public.

Two complied, but the third refused, leading to a confrontation. After this, the principal began receiving death threats on social media, and the Ministry of Security, noticing this, increased the school’s security. The French prosecution also announced the arrest of two individuals suspected of spreading these threats.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal revealed that an investigation showed the school leader never hit the girl, and she will now face justice to explain why she lied. France declared it will never again tolerate lies under the guise of beliefs, especially when they could endanger lives.