Gahini and Gahanga residents upbeat after receiving free dental treatment

On 2 December 2022 at 08:00

Residents from Gahini sector in Kayonza District of Western Province and Gahanga Sector in Kicukiro District of Kigali City have expressed great delight after receiving free dental treatment offered by HOPEthiopia-Rwanda.

The dental services were offered at Gahini District Hospital and Gahanga Health Center through a collaboration between specialist doctors from Canada and an international NGO, HOPEthiopia-Rwanda.

Valentin Muhawenayo is among patients attended to by the specialist doctors from Canada at Gahanga Health Center. He had an appointment for extraction of his sensitive tooth at a referral hospital but fortunately got it fixed for free at the health center.

“I had an appointment at Masaka Hospital for tooth extraction which would incur much expense for transport and the services. I am glad to have received treatment without going through all this process. I am deeply thankful from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

Martine Mukakalisa is another beneficiary who underwent a dental prophylaxis procedure.

“I was experiencing tooth decay but did not have the means to have them cleaned. Besides, I used to refrain from laughing in public lest everyone notices the condition of my teeth. My special thanks go to the good Samaritans for providing free dental care because I have already started witnessing change,” she said.

The Head of Gahanga Health Center, Jean Marie Vianney Barinzi commended HOPEthiopia-Rwanda for extending free medical services to residents.

“We don’t have a dentist, and that way, patients seeking dental treatment are transferred to hospitals or Gatenga Health Center. However, it is an exhausting journey that some patients never make it there. The free medical outreach has seen many patients coming here and were satisfied with the offered services,” he said.

The Country Director of HOPEthiopia-Rwanda, Mr. Asiimwe Ronald said that the outreach program is organized annually.

“We have organized this activity because we work with specialized dentists. We chose to extend these services to residents in this area to improve their dental and overall health,” he revealed.

This year, it is planned that the organization’s dental outreach program will be extended to 800 patients in Gahanga and Gahini in four days.

A specialist dentist from Canada attending to a patient at Gahanga Health Center.
Patients underwent dental prophylaxis procedure and tooth extraction.
Children were among patients attended to.
Gahanga residents turned up in large number at the health center for dental treatment.