Gaming company employees rendered redundant scratch for survival

On 26 February 2021 at 11:21

Employees working with Gaming Companies in different parts of Kigali claim they have been hit hard and hardly find food following more than ten months without job due to measures implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Individuals who spoke to IGIHE have appealed to the Government to ease restrictions so that they can return to work.

“We are leading hard life. We have not been working for over ten months yet we used to get whatever we want from our pocket. We need advocacy to return to work,” said Munyentwari Olivier.

Kamazi Anaclet who worked with a betting company in Nyabugogo, Nyarugenge district, has revealed that he is accommodated by a friend and rarely finds food.

“I left the landlord’s house because I couldn’t afford rental fees. I live by God’s grace and can only eat when Samaritans invite me for lunch,” he said.

Rwamasunzu Patrick, the former Manager of Lucky Bet, currently working as the Secretary of the Association of Gaming Companies said he applied for another job to find means to feed his family.

“I was the Manager at Lucky Bet but the company could not pay salaries when Covid-19 emerged. We were not laid off but didn’t receive salaries. We however do not blame the company because the crisis was brought by Coronavirus. I decided to seek other means to survive with my family,” he explained.

Rwamasunzu said that over 2000 employees working with betting companies lost jobs and appealed to the Government to help these companies run activities online.

Samuel Kamugisha, the Director General in Charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) has told IGIHE that gaming is not the only activity prohibited due to COVID-19 containment measures.

“Gaming operations are not the only businesses prohibited. They don’t neither contribute huge amounts through taxes nor provide the largest number of employments. They are mainly gaming activities for leisure yet such sporting activities are prohibited,” he noted.

Kamugisha explained that only one gaming company registered for online operations while others opted for land based gaming.

As he said, the licensed online gaming company is under the pilot phase to establish whether such services could be successful in Rwanda.

Rwanda has 24 registered gaming companies among whom; Gorilla Games is the only licensed online gaming company that began activities in 2019.

Land based gaming activities are currently prohibited due to Covid-19 containment measures.