Ceramic water filters to bring hope and health to Gatsibo residents

On 9 November 2023 at 01:04

A total of 430 residents in Gatsibo District, who once grappled with waterborne illnesses due to the consumption of marshland water, are now celebrating the positive impact of recently acquired ceramic water filters. The water filters bought from Spouts of Water has brought a sense of relief, ensuring they are no longer vulnerable to the risks associated with contaminated water.

These water filters were handed over to residents on November 8th, 2023, through a collaboration between the Coproriz Ntende cooperative and Spouts of Water that seeks to extend the reach to 3600 rice farmers in the coming phases.

Theophile Gasingwa, a resident of Rwimbogo Sector and member of the cooperative, shared his gratitude, highlighting the previous challenges his community faced. "We would catch verminosis from drinking contaminated water shared with our livestock. We are thankful that we received new equipment to filter water."

Venacie Namahirwe from the same sector expressed hope for positive changes in her family and community. She mentioned the frequent medical treatments needed for verminosis and anticipated a significant reduction in such cases with the availability of safe water.

Olivier Niyonshuti shed light on the difficulties faced in obtaining firewood for water purification, leading to the consumption of unsafe water. This, in turn, resulted in health issues, especially for children. The newly introduced water filters are set to break this cycle, promoting a healthier living environment.

Brian Vuningoma, Sales Manager at Spouts of Water, explained the technology behind the filters, emphasizing the use of baked clay mixed with other substances.

The ceramic water filter undergoes a meticulous process, starting with the careful selection of clay mixed with sawdust. After molding and shaping, it goes through the baking stage. To enhance its functionality, silver nitrate is incorporated to shield the pot from moisture.

These filters are designed to benefit a large population previously reliant on marshland water, offering protection against waterborne diseases.

Elysée Rugwizangoga, President of the Coproriz Ntende cooperative, shared the initiative’s origin, driven by the urgent need to address water contamination issues in rural areas. He emphasized the importance of safe water in eliminating verminosis and promoting overall well-being.

Marceline Mukamana, Gatsibo District Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, highlighted the positive impact the donated filters would have on residents, improving hygiene practices and reducing verminosis cases arising from poor sanitation.

Looking ahead, Spouts of Water plans to distribute over 1.2 million filters at affordable price to communities across Rwanda, especially those organized in various cooperatives.

The filters come in varying capacities of 75 liters, 30 liters, and 20 liters, with recipients having the option to pay related costs in installments, making this essential technology accessible to all.

Received water filters are expected to bring hope and health to Gatsibo residents.
Brian Vuningoma, Sales Manager at Spouts of Water, explained the technology behind the filters, emphasizing the use of baked clay mixed with other substances.