Genocide memorial to be built at Amahoro Stadium

On 12 April 2021 at 07:39

The Minister of Sports, Munyangaju Aurore Mimosa has confirmed that the Ministry is planning to build a Genocide memorial at Amahoro Stadium once rehabilitation works are completed.

The memorial that will feature names of Sports men killed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi was proposed by the team that carried out research on the former Ministry of Youth and Associative Movement previously known as Ministère de la Jeunesse et du Mouvement associative (MIJEUMA).

Appearing in RTV talk show on Sunday 11th April 2021 revolving around how ‘Sports and Entertainment’ were used as a tool to prepare Genocide, Dr. Gakwenzire Philbert who conducted research on the former MIJEUMA said that 75% of Tutsi that worked with the Ministry were killed during Genocide against Tutsi.

He explained that MIJEUMA had 544 employees before Genocide of whom 49 were Tutsi equivalent to 9%. Of the 49 Tutsi, 37 (75%) were killed during Genocide while 12 survived.

After conducting the research, Dr. Gakwenzire proposed building a memorial featuring names of fallen victims that worked with the Ministry at Amahoro Stadium in Remera where it had offices.

“No memorial has been built for 37 former employees of the Ministry killed during Genocide. We proposed that the memorial with names of Genocide victims should be built at Amahoro Stadium,” he said.

“The Ministry had offices at the stadium but we are aware that it had main headquarters in Quartier Commercial (currently in Kigali city centre). We also proposed that the building should be marked with a symbol reflecting that it is among places where Genocide was planned. It is a truth well known that the dance troop dubbed Irindiro of [Simon Bikindi] used the ministry’s multipurpose hall for repetitions as well as other resources of the ministry,” he said.

Simon Bikindi was renowned for producing songs that encouraged Hutus to kill Tutsi.

The Minister of Sports, Munyangaju Aurore Mimosa who also featured in the talk show said that the memorial will be constructed after rehabilitating Amahoro Stadium and feature names of sportsmen killed during Genocide.

“It is true that the proposal was tabled. As we know, the current premises of Amahoro Stadium are set for renovation. The idea was welcomed the great idea that we want materialized. Apart from employees of MIJEUMA, sportsmen, members of different associations or partners of the then ministry whose identifications are traced will be feature on the list,” she said.

“We cannot specify the date because the activity is planned after completing renovation works,” added Munyangaju.