Genocide widow bequeaths land to Kagame

On 25 November 2020 at 09:26

President Paul Kagame has received the will which spells out pieces of land left by Marianne Nyirangoragoza, a genocide widow in Nyamasheke district who passed on recently. The land is set to be developed for public infrastructure.

Before she died, Nyirangoragoza who lived in Kabuga village, Nyarusange cell in Bushekeri sector in Nyamasheke district left a will bequeathing her piece of land to President Kagame.

Late Nyirangoragoza was born in 1947 in Nyarusange cell, Bushekeri sector in Nyamasheke district, Western Province. All her 10 children were killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi along with her husband.

Nyirangoragoza fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from where RPF Inkotanyi repatriated her.

Before she passed on, Nyirangoragoza gave testimonies on how President Kagame built a house for her and providing financial support after Genocide.

She said that Kagame is ‘wise’ because he took her to the community of her generation and built another decent house for Nyirangoragoza during advanced ages to put her out of loneliness.

“He took care of me on behalf of my children. That is why I must bequeath my possessions to him,” said Nyirangoragoza.

The property left to President Kagame include separate pieces of land of 168 and 776 square meters respectively along with 1259 square meters on which late Nyirangoragoza had houses.

They are located in the middle of pieces of land located in Mubuga village, Nyarusange cell, Bushekeri sector of Nyamashekle district.

The decision was meant to thank Kagame’s support after Genocide taking care, building a house and financial support yet family members had abandoned her.
The notarized will was handed to The Minister in the Office of the Presidency, Judith Uwizeye who represented President Kagame.

Uwizeye explained that the four pieces of land will be developed for infrastructure beneficial to the surrounding community.

“I am glad to be with you to receive the will Nyirangoragoza Marriane left to the President of the Republic. She decided to bequeath her possessions to His Excellency Paul Kagame because of joy for the support she received from the Government. On behalf of President Kagame, I am delighted to let you know that he accepts the will, he is grateful for that and thanks the widow,” she said.

Uwizeye explained that President Kagame accepted the will to keep the memory of Nyirangoragora’s kind heart.

“He decided to develop the land for infrastructure beneficial to the entire community in the sector. Details for the project will be announced after an assessment,” added Uwizeye.

Residents describe Marriane Nyirangoragoza as a kind person with good attributes the community.

Marianne Nyirangoragoza passed on in May 2020. She was living in Impinganzima in in Rusizi District during her advanced age. Impinganzima is one of hostels for elderly Genocide survivors built in different parts of the country by Imbuto Foundation, an initiative launched by First Lady Jeannette Kagame in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Valérie Mukabayire, the President of Avega Agahozo (an organisation that brings together widows of the Genocide against the Tutsi) handing the notarized will to the Minister in the Office of the President, Judith Uwizeye.
Part of the land bequeathed to President Paul Kagame is set to be developed for public infrastructure.