Ghanaian companies must ensure they are attracting the most competent senior candidates to take up leadership roles

On 24 September 2020 at 05:35

As Ghana looks to the future and sustainable growth, it is imperative that the creation of jobs remains a priority and needs to move at a faster pace. Companies operating in a politically and economically stable environment, where investor confidence is high, are able to hire and alleviate the unemployment burden.

‘Although the Ghanaian economy will contract in 2020 as the oil sector is hit by the global economic fallout from the coronavirus, it remains critical that companies attract the right senior leaders to move beyond this global crises and take the country forward. More than ever, as we look towards a post Covid world, it is time for Ghanaian companies to headhunt the right people for their businesses’ says Tuli Nkosi, Director at BossJansen Executive Search.

BossJansen is focused on assisting leading companies across Pan Africa, with their key strategic senior talent requirements. Thuli highlights that headhunting, otherwise known as retained search/executive search, is sometimes the most efficient option for businesses – in contrast to traditional recruitment processes, or making use of internal HR staff.

Headhunting involves finding the most suitable and skilled professional to take up a specific senior role in a company – even if the individual is not actively looking for a new job. This is often the case with top performing and highly valued competent people. They are typically passive in the job market and it requires a skilled and professional approach to attract them to a new career move.

Using a professional search firm enables the process to be as robust and unbiased as possible. These search firms are adept at closing in on individuals who come highly respected and regarded in the market, who possess the capability to deliver on the requirements of the role and on the company mandate. It is a highly focused and very targeted approach. This very thorough process involves identifying target industries and companies, before handpicking the best candidates to approach.

Candidates are vetted thoroughly and high level references obtained.

‘Respected Headhunters are specialists who recruit for specific industries and have significant networks and connections’, says Thuli Nkosi. At BossJansen, they are armed with a plethora of tools at their disposal and years of experience in the art of senior level career negotiation, which means that they can make incredibly accurate and specific assessments to help companies find the right people.

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