Gisagara peat power plant to add 40Mw in March 2021 to national grid

On 30 December 2020 at 02:05

Construction activities of a peat power plant in Gisagara district have reached final phases that the latter is expected to start production early March next year.

The plant built by a private company Quantum Power is located in Akanyaru Marshland in Mamba sector.

Construction activities started in May 2017.

GUBBINI Dominique, the General Manager of Quantum Power has explained that the plant will generate 40 megawatts in March and be able to supply 80 megawatts by June 2021.

Upon completion, the plant is expected to cater for 40% of electricity supplied countrywide.

“The plant will have the capacity to produce 80 megawatts. We estimate the initial production at 40 megawatts in March 2021 and release the rest after two months,” he said.

Gatera Cypriano, the project coordinator said that neighboring residents have seen livelihoods transformed since the beginning of construction activities where they got jobs and access to infrastructure including road, water and electricity.

“This area was connected with electricity since 2014 as preparations for the project were underway. Safe water infrastructure and roads were also made available. Since 2017, the project has employed 1900 residents of whom 70% are from Mamba sector,” he said.

Iradukunda Emanuel, 22, is one of residents employed at the plant hopeful to utilize income effectively to shape his future.

“I am among electricity technicians employed at the plant since 2019. I have already saved Rwf 500,000 and intend to run own income generating business towards the completion of this project,” he said.

The mayor of Gisagara district, Rutaburingoga Jérome has said that the peat power plant has started transforming residents’ livelihoods.

“We are grateful that livelihoods of residents in the neighborhood of the plant have been transformed that they started profitable businesses. They have also been granted access to safe water and electricity. We want them to keep the momentum and preserve infrastructures made available,” he said.

The company contracted to build the plant also gives back to the community where it has constructed eight houses for vulnerable residents and a library equipped with books at Kabumbwe primary school.

In January 2020, the Minister of Infrastructure, Amb. Gatete Claver revealed that the plant will increase electricity across the country and subsequently reduce the cost.

Upon completion, the plant will aliment electricity to Rwabusoro in Nyanza district, Rilima in Bugesera district and Gahanga in Kigali city.

It is reported Mamba marshland has enough peat resources that can be used for 26 years.

Construction activities at Gisagara peat power plant near completion.
Peat is extracted from Akanyaru Marshland.
The plant built by a private company Quantum Power is located in Akanyaru Marshland in Mamba sector.
The plant will have the capacity to produce 80 megawatts.