Gisagara peat power plant transforms livelihoods

On 1 March 2021 at 11:06

Residents in the neighborhood of peat power plant under construction in Gisagara district have said that they have started reaping big form the infrastructure yet to be inaugurated.

They revealed this yesterday on Sunday 28th February 2021 during an event in which the investor constructing the plant, Hakan Karasoy donated six cows to residents in neighborhood.

The donation complements Gisagara district’s initiatives to distribute cows to vulnerable residents under Girinka Munyarwanda program.

“We have benefited a lot since the beginning of construction activities where our neighbors got jobs. I will get compost from received cow, fertilize my gardens and get milk for my children,” said Kubwimana Dative.

Ndimubandi Innocent revealed that he had never owned a cow that the donation anticipates improved livelihoods.

Apart from cow donations, the company also provided school kits including bags, notebooks and pens to 498 children in 2018.

The mayor of Gisagara district, Rutaburingoga Jérome also highlighted that the company supports the district to promote initiatives enhancing residents’ livelihoods.

“Residents have started witnessing transformations due to cooperation between investors and neighboring residents to the extent that this area is gradually developing into a town. They have so far built ten houses for vulnerable residents and donated school kits to vulnerable children. They are also going to build a library and plan to give us buildings that will be used as vocational training schools,” he said.

Figures show that 1500 people majority from Gisagara district got jobs at the construction of the peat power plant expected to be inaugurated this month.

Iradukunda Emanuel, 22, is one of residents employed at the plant hopeful to utilize income effectively to shape his future.

“I am among electricity technicians employed at the plant since 2019. I have already saved Rwf 500,000 and intend to run own income generating business towards the completion of this project,” he said recently.

The investor Hakan Karasoy has said that they are aware of difficulties experienced by vulnerable people which push them to use part of income to uplift their livelihoods.

“We understand that all activities done here are meant to uplift residents’ livelihoods. That is why we are supporting this cause. We feel the responsibility to provide our contribution to graduate them from poverty because we are aware that poor people live unhappily,” he noted.

The plant built by a private company, Quantum Power is located in Akanyaru Marshland in Mamba sector.

Construction activities started in May 2017.

The plant is expected to generate 40 megawatts in March and be able to supply 80 megawatts by June 2021.

In January 2020, the Minister of Infrastructure, Amb. Gatete Claver revealed that the plant will increase electricity across the country and subsequently reduce the cost.

Upon completion, the plant will aliment electricity to Rwabusoro in Nyanza district, Rilima in Bugesera district and Gahanga in Kigali city.

It is reported Mamba marshland has enough peat resources that can be used for 26 years.

Beneficiaries expressed delight for cow donations.
Apart from cow donations, the company also provided school kits including bags, notebooks and pens to 498 children in 2018.
Gisagara peat power plant is expected to be completed in March 2021.