Good Life Pharmacy subscribes 100 vulnerable residents for Mutuelle de Santé

On 2 June 2023 at 07:34

GoodLife Health and Beauty Pharmacy, in partnership with Top Health Clinic have provided screening for non-communicable illnesses and extended Community Based Health Insurance, known as ‘Mutuelle de Santé ’to 100 beneficiaries.

This impactful initiative commenced during "Umuganda" in Gatare Village, Niboye Sector, Kicukiro District, where GoodLife Pharmacy’s dedicated team engaged with the community. They emphasized the importance of holistic wellness and encouraged healthy living habits among the residents.

Under the guidance of the esteemed medical staff from Top Health Clinic, the pharmacy efficiently conducted testing and screening for chronic ailments such as diabetes and hypertension. NKAKA GATERA Daniel, the responsible Pharmacist of GoodLife Pharmacy Silverback, stressed the significance of self-care practices and the need for individuals to be mindful of their overall well-being.

“Goodlife aims to serve all categories of the population regardless of their income and to facilitate the access of health care products within the same facility”, he stated.

To sustain their commitment to the nation’s development, GoodLife Pharmacy plans to utilize the funds collected to continue providing screening services to the 100 selected individuals in need of ongoing support.

In addition to their remarkable healthcare efforts, GoodLife Pharmacy also initiated a unique concept in Rwanda, Refilling Station for essential hygiene products such as body wash, body lotion etc…and generously donated an array of the mentioned products. This contribution aims to enhance personal grooming, boost self-confidence, and foster a culture of self-care among the beneficiaries, while helping Rwanda in its fight against waste management and reduce the use of plastic from the cosmetic industry.

GoodLife Health and Beauty Pharmacy is dedicated to meeting the diverse health, beauty, and wellness needs of every Rwandan citizen. Established in September 2022, the pharmacy is conveniently located in the Kicukiro District, within the premises of Silverback Mall at Sonutube. Moreover, they have branches in Kimironko, Rwandex, Nyakabanda, and Musanze, ensuring accessibility across the region.

Notable among their offerings are dietary supplements, popular beauty products, slimming aids, children’s products, shampoos, massage oils, and various health-related items. They cater to individual preferences and offer affordable options that promote a healthy lifestyle. Goodlife Pharmacy is focused on customer care and provides delivery services while Top Health Clinic provides home visit consultations.

GoodLife Pharmacy takes pride in ensuring that customers find what they need to lead a fulfilled and vibrant healthy life.

This impactful initiative commenced during "Umuganda" in Gatare Village.
Ida-Alexandra de CORDIER, Co Founder and COO Goodlife Health and Beauty Ltd.