Government reassures Rwandan students affected by Russia-Ukraine war

By Esther Muhozi
On 24 January 2024 at 04:04

During the opening day of the 19th National Dialogue Council on January 23, the government pledged support for students who were displaced by the Russia-Ukraine War and have now resumed their studies in Poland.

President Paul Kagame assured these students, who are facing financial challenges due to tripled school fees compared to their previous fees in Ukraine, that the government would address their concerns.

Delice Sine, a fourth-year medical student currently studying in Poland, expressed gratitude for the support received so far but emphasized the ongoing struggle with increased tuition fees. She pointed out that Polish schools now charge three times more than what the students used to pay in Ukraine before the war. Representing a group of six students, four of whom are in their final year of university, Sine requested assistance during the Umushyikirano session.

In her appeal to the President, Sine highlighted that the primary issue faced by the students is the soaring school fees and requested any form of support, regardless of the amount, to ensure the continuity of their studies.

She stated, “We would like to request any type of support regardless of the amount. It can be helpful for us to continue our studies effectively.”

President Kagame responded by assuring the students that the government would intervene to resolve the issue. He delegated the responsibility to key ministries, including the Prime Minister, Minister of Education, and Minister of Health, urging them to address the challenges faced by the students.

Kagame emphasized, “The Prime Minister, Minister of Education, and Minister of Health have to address the issue so that no one fails to study because of that, unless they fail to perform well. But they told us that currently they perform well.”

Sine also took the opportunity to encourage her fellow students who had discontinued their studies abroad to resume their education. She concluded by pledging her commitment to becoming a proficient medical professional upon completing her studies.

The assurance was given on the first day of 'Umushyikirano'.