Governor Habitegeko visits development projects in Karongi

On 22 April 2021 at 09:32

The Governor of Western Province, François Habitegeko has toured development projects under construction including roads, luxury hotel boat expected to facilitate movement on Lake Kivu among other infrastructures being developed in Karongi district.

The visit is part of community outreach programs to inspect implementation of development projects pledged under performance contracts and hear from citizens’ concerns.

During the visit held on Tuesday, Habitegeko was accompanied by officials from Western Province, Karongi district and security officers.

They also toured 2-kilometer road under construction in Karongi town.

The road is expected to facilitate movements along peripheries of Lake Kivu and connect hotels surrounding the lake.

Speaking to IGIHE, Habitegeko has revealed hat the visit was meant to witness the current progress of infrastructures being developed and seek ways to fast track implementation.

“We have been inspecting infrastructures as they are considered the foundation for investment in towns. Besides investment, residents also need basic infrastructures like roads and others,” he said.

The Governor also toured Karongi cross border market under construction in Ruganda. The market will be used by traders from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

As he visited Rugabano model village, residents appealed for support to get fodder for their cattle.

The village is home to over 328 families comprised of 1000 residents.

“These residents have voiced appreciation to President of the Republic Paul Kagame who settled them in decent shelters. They are living in beautiful houses that some of them dwell in split level homes,” said Habitegeko.

“They however have some problems including lack of pasture. There are investors who provided land on which they can grow fodder but we are making arrangements so that we can find fodder to feed these cows donated by President of the Republic,” he added.

Among others, Governor Habitegeko visited hillside irrigation projects in the surroundings of Ndaba Rock and Rugabano tea plant.

Rugabano model village is one of visited infrastructures.
Governor Habitegeko (second from right) with other officials visiting Rugabano model village.