Rwanda to streamline management of health posts

On 15 August 2022 at 11:09

The Government of Rwanda has expended much effort to make health services accessible to citizens close to their doorsteps. In light of this ambition, the country has set a target of building a health post in every cell. However, it has been reported that some of completed health posts remain idle due to different reasons where entrepreneurs halt operations after failing to generate returns.

More reasons include lack of water and electricity in some cells as well as regulations requiring the owner of such facilities to be a qualified health care professional without other employment.

The State Minister in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Tharcisse Mpunga has revealed that the government considers three ways in which the issue is set to be addressed.

“Health posts are located in unfavourable locations. We will increase healthcare personnel at health centers so that they can be able to run the facilities,” Dr. Mpunga said.

He made the revelations during a recent tour to inspect the quality of offered services at health centers and hospitals in Western Province to.

As Dr. Mpunga interacted with healthcare professionals in Karongi District, details emerged that 41 out of targeted 88 health posts have been already constructed.

Of these, 16 health posts are not operational. It is said that some entrepreneurs ran the facilities for a while and halted operations.

Dr. Mpunga further disclosed that the country mulls introducing new services at health posts to attend to mothers giving birth, patients with dental problems and offer eye care as well.

He underscored that offering the new services at the health posts will encourage entrepreneurs not to withdraw their interests in such businesses given that they will have an increased number of patients to attend to.

The new services have been already introduced at 37 health centers expected to be extended to more facilities countrywide.

Lastly, the Ministry of Health has revised regulations determining the functioning of health posts where individuals without healthcare background can run such facilities.

“We have eased restrictions and allowed anyone with enough funds to invest in health posts. We are optimistic that the issue of idle health posts will be solved through the three ways,” he said.

Rwanda has over 1700 health posts, over 500 health centers, 47 district hospitals and 5 referral hospitals.

One of health posts in Karongi District.