UTAB Graduation Prelude: Embracing Dreams and Values at ’Counseling Night

By Esther Muhozi
On 1 December 2023 at 03:00

Graduands from the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB) have been reminded of the significance of having a vision and a dream to guide them towards their desired destinations. This key message was conveyed on November 30, during the ’Counseling Night,’ a program held the day before the graduation ceremony.

Dr. Munana Gilbert, the Rector of UTAB emphasized the unique nature of the counseling evening, designed to provide guidance to the graduating class. Unlike traditional celebrations of knowledge, this event aimed to underscore that the graduands not only acquired knowledge but also received valuable education.

During the event, UTAB graduates, who have gained considerable experience in the job market, along with other experts, shared insights with the graduands. The discussions centered around instilling values that characterize Rwandans and fostering personal and national development.

Dr. Munana highlighted the focus on talks about the attitudes essential for thriving in the competitive job market. Tito Rutaremara, the Chairperson of the Council of Elders Advisory Forum , stressed the importance of having a dream, stating that it not only guides one’s aspirations but also motivates hard work, contributing to personal and national development.

Several students expressed gratitude for the much-needed advice received after four years of academic pursuit. Twizerimana Katonda Anastase, a graduate from the Department of Education, affirmed their readiness to provide quality education, emphasizing their connection to the institution.

Nyirandashimye Vestine, who completed studies in animal husbandry, appreciated the guidance on transitioning to professional life outside of school. She acknowledged the practical tips on animal care and production, recognizing their value in working with integrity and professionalism.

In total, 788 individuals received degrees from UTAB, marking the culmination of their academic journey and the beginning of their paths towards contributing meaningfully to society.

Tito Rutaremara, the Chairperson of the Council of Elders Advisory Forum , stressed the importance of having a dream.