Heavy downpour destroys over 100 houses in Eastern Province

On 16 February 2021 at 12:15

Heavy rain characterized by violent winds in Kayonza and Kirehe district has destroyed over 119 houses and ravaged crops including banana (on 287 hectares), maize and rice.

Affected sectors include Kabare and Nasho sectors from Kayonza and Kirehe districts respectively, as it rained in the evening of Monday 15th February 2021.

The executive secretary of Kabare sector, Rongin Gatanazi has told IGIHE that the rain destroyed 84 houses and crops including banana and rice among others.

“It rained across all corners of the sector and destroyed properties in three cells. It has destroyed 84 houses, 152 hectares of banana, ravaged 1.5 tons of rice from a cooperative’s store,” he said.

Gatanazi has however revealed that the disaster didn’t claim lives while affected residents were accommodated by neighbors.

“Firstly we sought shelter for affected residents. Secondly, disaster management team is counting the number of affected residents to identify needed support. Some shattered roofing sheets were not completely destroyed and can be reused while others need new ones. The team is visiting them door to door for us to conduct advocacy,” noted Gatanazi.

The executive secretary of Nasho sector, Nzirabatinya Modeste has reported 35 destroyed houses, ravaged banana on 135 hectares, and maize on 82 hectares as well as buildings of Groupe Scolaire Nyarubare.

“We have organized a community work to help residents whose houses can be renovated. We have also requested the district to provide equipment for emergence support,” he explained.

Similar disastrous rain was reported last year when it destroyed many houses in different sectors of Kirehe district.

One of destroyed houses.