Heavy rain destroys 10 houses in Huye

On 17 February 2021 at 06:39

Heavy rain that fell yesterday destroyed 10 houses and public infrastructures due to flooding by a water drainage channel which residents claim is poorly constructed.

The rain destroyed houses in Mukura and Tumba sectors of Huye district.

The said water drainage channel was built by contractors building a road linking Rango and Sahera through which water from Tumba and Mukura sectors flows.

When it rains heavily, flooding from the drainage channel destroys properties belonging to surrounding residents.

A census has reported that the rain left 10 houses destroyed, three fences collapsed and ravaged Nyarumanga road located in Mitsinda village, Buhoro cell of Karama sector. Flooding also destroyed a bridge, washed away a cow and injured two people.

Bampire Maria, a resident from Agakombe village, Rango cell of Mukura sector narrated how disasters left her in losses.

“Flowing water has destroyed my houses and washed away my cow. The drainage channel has many bends, one being nearby my residence. I told them to flatten it but kept the bends,” she said.

Valuables inside these houses including beddings, clothes, casseroles, sanitary items among others were also destroyed.

“I am left with bare hands because all properties are washed away,” said Musanabandi Nadia.

The mayor of Huye district, Sebutege Ange along with other local leaders have visited affected families and promised support.

“Local leaders have visited affected residents and thanked neighbors for accommodating them. We are seeking how to provide basic equipment as we prepare to make renovations,” Sebutege has told IGIHE.