Heineken® Celebrates 150 Years of Good Times

On 3 October 2023 at 09:14

Heineken®, one of the world’s most celebrated beer brands, and part of BRALIRWA PLC’s brand portfolio, is proudly commemorating its 150th anniversary. Founded in 1873 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam, this remarkable journey began as a small brewery and transformed into one of the globe’s most beloved beer icons.

Brewed locally in Rwanda with the same passion and craftsmanship that has characterized its production for over a century, Bralirwa ensures that Rwandan beer lovers enjoy the same high-quality of Heineken® brewed around the world.

Bralirwa Plc, which was founded in Rwanda in 1957 became a subsidiary of HEINEKEN in 1971 and started brewing Heineken® as one of its premier brands in 2018 as well as selling Heineken® 0.0 the alcohol-free beer, in December 2022, to empower consumers with choice and options for all drinking occasions. The iconic beer brand evolved the way it measures success – focusing not just on the volume of beer it sells but also the good times it delivers for its customers in over 190 countries.

“Brewing good times has been in our DNA for 150 years. That is why we are evolving our brand metrics to show that creating good times is equally as important as the beer we produce” said Bram Westenbrink, Global Head, Heineken® Brand.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Heineken® is putting good times front and centre of its global birthday festivities. Part of the celebrations include the anniversary’s tongue-in-cheek campaign taking viewers on a journey around the globe to embrace all the different ways people adapt and enjoy social moments and memories with Heineken® - ranging from an incorrectly spelt tattoo of the logo to a Heineken® Original being served with a lime, straw, and ice. The light-hearted video sees the brewer celebrate the good times it provides – even if the way consumers spell or enjoy it isn’t 100% correct or as originally intended.

In celebration of Heineken’s 150 years, Bralirwa is introducing a limited-edition bottle label and embarking on promotional and experiential initiatives across various outlets. These endeavours are designed to deliver the true essence of the Heineken® brand - the enjoyment of life.

Customers are invited to come with an open mind and to expect the unexpected as bars and outlets will be serving up the Heineken® you know and love in surprising ways you have never seen before. Cheers to the Rwandan Heineken experience!