How Broadband System Corporation has evolved to enrich customers’ experience

On 10 August 2021 at 02:39

Broadband System Corporation (BSC), is a renowned broadband services provider which has about 13 years’ experience in the local and regional market.

With increased demand in broadband services driven by the pandemic, BSC Chief Executive Officer Christian Muhirwa has shed light on how the firm evolved and adjusted to ensure convenience.

Excerpts below:

Established in 2008, Broadband System Corporation (BSC) is a leading ICT company that provides broadband connectivity services in Rwanda and the region. Having been in business for the past 13 years, and having successfully deployed a fiber optics network that covers several districts in Rwanda, what’s next for BSC as a company?

Over the last 12 years or so that BSC has served the local and regional markets, we have gained insight and experience to position us as industry leaders. Over the years, we have built capacity, gained a finer understanding of market needs and trends which comes in handy in crafting solutions that are relevant for our clients and stakeholders.

Our experience and expertise has also been refined having served even the furthest parts of the country and across all industries ranging from education, healthcare, finance, hospitality among others all which have different set of demand and inputs.

BSC is constantly introducing solutions that have been tested and tried responding to the most critical market needs and demand. For instance, with the increased broadband uptake and use across all sectors of society, we have introduced a cyber security services suite BSC Net Shield, which are simple to use but sophisticated enough to keep modern cyberthreats at bay.

The current situation with COVID-19 around the world has disrupted work. How is BSC positioning itself to support businesses in Rwanda?

While Rwandans , individual and corporations, are adjusting to new ways of working including working remotely; BSC has relevant solutions to support them to ensure maximum productivity. BSC has multiple solutions for business to enable them to work remotely such as Fiber-to-the-home, 4G packages and wireless broadband technologies suitable for homes. We are continuously expanding our portfolio in line with the growing market needs. For instance, BSC has ensured that the need brought about with remote working are addressed conveniently and securely through solutions such as Video conferencing/online collaboration tools, BSC Net Shield, Cloud Computing.

Businesses have several connectivity needs; how does BSC define full connectivity?

At BSC, we view connectivity as beyond a single solution of availing broadband. Connectivity includes all solutions from access to broadband end-to-end, to safety (BSC Net Shield) while processing and storing enterprise data in a secure manner(Cloud Computing). At BSC, we provide a one stop shop through our IT project Management services which ensures that our clients do not have to worry about the steps in the process.

In terms of value to business growth, what do businesses stand to benefit from full connectivity?

BSC does not only focus on internet capacity provision but have gone beyond to understand market needs that makes them stay comfortable to focus on their core business operations. We have therefore put this into context of providing our customers internet connectivity that is secured, with locally hosted data and applications while making their communication to the globe simple and cost-effective.

We continuously introduce market relevant products to offer bundled services that address business communication challenges, making it more affordable than purchasing individual services from different providers. We facilitate new business startups, investors to quickly start their operations by providing all the required infrastructure bundled with our service and support from qualified personnel. We therefore focus on key customer benefits that includes; reliability, cost-effective and business relevancy.

For anyone who is interested in BSC’s products and services, how can they get in contact with you and where can they find you?

We can be reached on the Toll free Line 4141 or [email protected] [email protected] / [email protected] for any questions or enquiries. We can also be reached via +250-785-927-485. There are details on our products and services on our website www.bsc.rw