How Clear Trust Consulting is unlocking career growth in finance with expert training and consultancy

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 18 July 2023 at 12:14

Clear Trust Consulting (CTC) is a consulting firm dedicated to upskilling professionals in the finance sector in Europe. Founded by Rwandan entrepreneur Janvier Nzamutuma, who currently resides in Luxembourg, CTC offers comprehensive consulting and training services in the financial industry.

As a prominent consulting service provider, CTC specializes in two core areas: Consulting and Training.

The company has established a strong partnership with the European Business University of Luxembourg, collaborating on various initiatives. Recently, CTC awarded certificates to 50 graduates who successfully completed training programs in finance.

The collaboration between CTC and the European Business University of Luxembourg provided a wide range of comprehensive courses related to business, economics, and finance.

These courses have benefited individuals from diverse backgrounds, opening up new possibilities for their professional growth and advancement.

According to Alice Umulisa, the Deputy Managing Director at CTC, the company is committed to assisting individuals who wish to pursue training in finance, emphasizing that these courses are relevant to everyone, regardless of their prior experience in the financial sector or related fields.

CTC offers training and consultancy services in finance and equips individuals with the necessary skills sought by employers, including insurance companies.

Besides, CTC provides consultancy services to financial institutions, assisting them in implementing measures aligned with international standards.

The firm also supports investors in making informed investment decisions and ensures the smooth operation of their businesses.

Umulisa highlights that CTC’s primary goal is to train and prepare future professionals in the financial sector while adhering to European standards.

The training programs are conducted in collaboration with the European Business University of Luxembourg and other industry experts in Europe.

"We prioritize quality by employing qualified trainers and maintaining strict monitoring of our students. Our courses not only provide training but also offer further opportunities for personal and professional development," explains Umulisa.

She emphasizes that CTC welcomes individuals from all educational backgrounds, as long as they possess an interest in the field. The company equips them with relevant skills, producing graduates who are well-equipped to enter the job market.

Language proficiency is also a criterion for attending the courses, as training is offered in French or English. The training program spans three months and comprises both theoretical and practical components.

Umulisa notes that CTC has meticulously planned the functioning of the firm, resulting in a high rate of graduates securing decent jobs shortly after completing their training programme.

The company collaborates with experienced lecturers who impart relevant skills to students, enabling them to compete in the labor market successfully. The positive feedback from graduates showcases their excellent performance and the value of the training received.

Individuals interested in attending courses offered by CTC can find more information on the company’s website, www.cleartrustconsulting.com

The upcoming intake, scheduled to begin in September 2023, will consist of two phases. Students will be required to pay only 430 Euros for a three-month period.

Additionally, CTC offers the flexibility of attending courses after working hours every Wednesday, with the option to participate virtually.

Nzamutuma, the founder of CTC, has recognized the need for financial services development in some African countries.

He established CTC to help individuals, particularly those from African nations, build trust in the international financial arena and enhance their understanding of the industry.

Prior to founding CTC, Nzamutuma gained experience working with different banks in Luxembourg, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. His motivation to contribute to the training and development of others led to the creation of CTC.

Nzamutuma emphasizes that everyone possesses the innate ability to learn and understand new concepts. He believes that no one individual is inherently greater than others, but rather, the difference lies in the exploitation and utilization of their capacities and knowledge to unleash their full potential. This belief is central to CTC’s mission and approach.

CTC has commenced student registration for training programs focusing on AML/KYC/compliance, covering both theoretical frameworks and practical applications.

Alice Umulisa (left) deputizes Janvier Nzamutuma (right) at CTC.
Alice Umulisa during an interview with IGIHE journalist.
Alice Umulisa says that CTC is committed to assisting individuals who wish to pursue training in finance.
Nzamutuma, the founder of CTC believes that everyone possesses the innate ability to learn and understand new concepts.