How ILPD is setting standard for outstanding legal education and professional development

On 29 August 2023 at 11:43

A total of 144 finalists who pursued the Diploma in Legal Practice and completed the legal practice courses at the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) in July 2023 have shared their insights about the institute. They recognized the ILPD as an exceptional institution dedicated to legal education and professional growth due to the hybrid Rwandan legal system.

The legal sphere comprises two primary legal systems: civil law and common law. The Rwandan legal system has evolved beyond both civil and common law, resulting in a crosscutting curriculum. This distinct approach has enhanced the allure of ILPD, with the finalists attesting to their contentment in their testimonials.

Roselyne Nyaguthii Karogo, a Kenyan finalist of the DLP, expressed, "As a Kenyan trainee, this opportunity has been invaluable in enriching my legal knowledge, skills, and comprehension of the hybrid Rwandan legal system. ILPD has demonstrated itself as an exceptional institution dedicated to legal education and professional development. The program’s structure, faculty expertise, practical training prospects, and the nurturing learning environment have all substantially contributed to my advancement as a legal professional."

Abdelkader Ngaro Alfred Ghislain, the inaugural student from Chad, stated, "If training reveals aptitude and practice unveils competence, enrolling at ILPD, which offers premier legal training and practice programs, unveils both (02). Joining ILPD has empowered me to acquire top-notch theoretical and practical training while concurrently gaining highly formative professional experience. It’s a favorable environment and an exceptional experience that has solidified my chosen path."

Akana Friede Johnne from Cameroon conveyed, "If I were tasked with defining ILPD in a single sentence, it would be: ‘quality teaching in a human-sized structure’. The course’s richness is embedded in the program’s content, encompassing a diverse range of subjects in both the theoretical facet, facilitated by the variety of covered topics, and the practical facet through hands-on exercises and mock trials (MOOT COURT).

These aspects are crucial for cultivating a comprehensive lawyer’s education. Furthermore, the caliber of individuals involved, including judges, lawyers, prosecutors, investigators, and bailiffs, significantly contributes to this richness."

Bendicto TONG BOL TONG, hailing from South Sudan, shared, "Despite holding both a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Law, embarking on legal practice studies at ILPD felt like the optimal choice. The Institute has bestowed upon me profound knowledge across various domains, and I will forever hold gratitude towards ILPD, particularly the educators and the entire administration. Every facet, from the lecturers to the swift visa processing, amenities, recreational areas, and a well-stocked library, met the standards that anyone would admire worldwide."

ILPD commemorates its 15th anniversary, having welcomed thousands of lawyers, judges, and prosecutors to its programs. ILPD has now evolved into a focal point of interest for learners from diverse backgrounds.

Countries including Burundi, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Gambia, Togo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Chad, and Rwanda itself are represented among the participants.

ILPD has evolved into a focal point of interest for learners from diverse backgrounds.