How Jibu’s franchising model helped women to become entrepreneurs

On 26 November 2020 at 02:32

Eight years after setting up in Rwanda, Jibu has been providing job opportunities for many through its ‘Franchising ‘whereby the company authorizes agents to produce and sell Jibu branded water.

Through this model, Jibu has given priority to girls and women who constitute 60% of its agents.

Joyeuse Muhimpundu is an agent based in Kabuga who has been working with Jibu for the past two years. She abandoned her shop after realizing many benefits of Jibu business. Muhimpundu started producing 1500 liters in 2018 but has grown to produce 4000 and 5000 liters on support of Jibu.

“Increased production helped me to grow income that I have hired eight employees,” she said.

Muhimpundu explains that being Jibu’s agent has unlocked other opportunities which saw her dealing in gases.

Rehema Uwamahoro is another agent who worked with Jibu since 2016. She lived in Kigali by the time she learnt about Jibu’s opportunities.

Realizing that many people had started such business in Kigali, Uwamahoro abandoned her job and moved to Rwamagana where she could face minimal competition. She has become financially stable and self-reliant entrepreneur.
“I was a public servant but I cannot apply for jobs anymore because I have made a giant step. I reaped many benefits including new businesses and starting a clinic. This is evidencing how working with Jibu is advantageous,” she said.

Loans to expand business

Jibu agents across the country attribute in no smaller part their progress to good relations with the company.

Muhimpundu explained that Jibu helps them with the provision of loans to sustain their businesses.

“Jibu provides car loans to help us distribute water to different shops. This contributes a lot to successfulness of our business,” she noted.

Uwamahoro also revealed that Jibu always seeks to turn their businesses profitable through different forms of support.

“Jibu conducts assessment to ensure adherence to standards. Apart from car loans, the company provides free loans paid in installments to buy equipment,” she revealed.

Jibu has recently in October received Transformational Business Award by ‘The Financial Times’ in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Jibu is present in seven African countries. It has been in Rwanda for eight years and works with over 50 agents. In general, it has enabled the creation of 500 jobs with 60% women representation.

Jibu's Franchising model has given priority to girls and women who constitute 60% of its agents.