CHOGM: Hundreds of youth leaders gather for first day of crucial three-day forum

On 20 June 2022 at 07:21

Young people are critical to the post-pandemic recovery and for addressing the serious social, economic and environmental challenges that are now facing countries, young leaders have said.

Hundreds of youth from all corners of the Commonwealth came together for the opening of the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) in Kigali on 19th June 2022, which kicked off with an electrifying and inspiring performance from the Rwandan performing arts and media company, Mashirika.

Held ahead of the main Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the three-day forum is a unique opportunity for young leaders to bring policy recommendations to their governments - asserting their role in shaping the future of the Commonwealth.

This year’s forum focuses on the adverse impacts of climate change, conflict and Covid-19, which disproportionately hit young people by cutting employment, training and education opportunities. Approximately 60 per cent of the unemployed in Commonwealth countries are young people. With the World Bank warning of a looming global recession, it has never been more important to ensure that young people are prioritised in Commonwealth policies.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Chair of the CYF taskforce and Chair of the Rwanda National Youth Council, Alodie Iradukunda (pictured below), said: “As the Chairperson of the Rwandan National Youth Council, I have had the opportunity to witness the will and drive that young people have in building our future. I am in awe of the spirit of service and duty that prevailed more than ever throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Young people across the Commonwealth played an integral role in the handling of this crisis, demonstrating yet again the great value that lies within the drive and brilliance of young people. I am here to reassure our leaders that we have not waited to be called upon. We understand what is at stake when it comes to the numerous issues that our world faces today.”

The newly appointed Chair of the Commonwealth Youth Council, Kim Allen said: “Today’s challenges and issues are more complex than decades ago. The world is slowly coming out of the pandemic, a crisis that affected our lives in many ways. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, hate and discrimination, economic turmoil resulting in high unemployment rates, the digital divide, mental health, inequalities in education and health, conflicts, and political instability, to name a few, all happen due to human actions and certain situations beyond our control.

Amid these challenges arise the opportunities to create a positive change. Fellow youth delegates and partners, your creativity, skill sets and abilities are needed to drive the change we want. Now is the time to act. We have to progress the efforts taken in the past through strategic and transformational approaches.”

Delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony, Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and Culture, Rosemary Mbabazi, praised the commitment, ingenuity, and hard work of the youth.

“I encourage you to build networks that will turn into the markets needed for your innovations, create innovations that responds to and solves challenges for our communities. I am sure you will leave here with more knowledge and transformed mindsets,” she said.

Also speaking at the opening ceremony Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General, Dr. Arjoon Suddhoo repeated the call for young people to be included in policy decisions across the Commonwealth.

“Given the huge potential and ingenious proclivity of our young people, we simply cannot afford to exclude young people from the development agenda or equate youthfulness with inexperience and ignorance. This dangerous and damaging discrimination will hold all of us back from achieving our full potential,” he noted.

During the forum young people will agree to a set of policy recommendations which will be recorded and presented to Heads of Government in a Youth Declaration on the final day of the forum. They will also have an opportunity to meet heads of governments during an intergenerational dialogue.

This year’s forum will address thematic areas such as governance and the rule of law, technology, skills, innovation, sustainability, health and trade. It will also include the launch of an historic collaboration between the Commonwealth and the world’s largest youth organisations to create the ‘Commonwealth Alliance for Quality Youth Leadership’.

This meeting supported by the Government of Rwanda and co-ordinated by an International Youth Task Force, made up of 21 young people from around the Commonwealth, co-chaired by Darrion Narine of Trinidad and Tobago and Alodie Iradukunda of Rwanda. It is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Government of Rwanda.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2022 takes place from 20-25 June 2022, in Kigali, Rwanda under the theme “Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming”.

Commonwealth leaders will travel to Rwanda to reaffirm their common values and agree actions and policies to improve the lives of all their citizens. Decisions taken at CHOGM also guide the work programme of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The official opening of CHOGM takes place on Friday 24 June and is followed by the main high-level meetings of Heads on Friday 24 to Saturday 25 June. These events are proceeded by four forums, ministerial meetings, side events and other activities.

The CYF is one of the four forums which have taken place in the margins of CHOGM since 1998. Young people will focus on the data provided by the Youth Development Index (YDI) Report, a Commonwealth tool which helps us to monitor changes in the situation of young people; recognise their contributions to the world; and support them as we all pursue the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Hundreds of youth leaders have gathered for first day of crucial three-day forum.