Husband on the run after killing wife

On 4 February 2021 at 11:18

A man hunt has been launched for a man identified as Ntigurirwa Daniel, 42, from Kamonyi district, Southern Province suspected of killing his wife by hitting her with a hoe.

The suspect has been living with the deceased, Uwimana Florence, as spouses in Nyabubare village, Kayonza cell of Kayenzi sector in Kamonyi district.

Sources reveal that Ntugurirwa returned home today at around 2am and hit her wife with a hoe in the head as she came to open the door.

The executive secretary of Kayenzi sector, Uwayezu Servile has told IGIHE that they learnt about the incident upon information provided by the family’s child.

“Their daughter told us that her father knocked at the door around 2am, so the mother stepped out to open. The man had a small hoe with which he hit the woman on the head,” he said.

The child woke up as she heard the mother’s cry. She found the mother limply straggled on ground and rushed to inform the grandmother and local leaders.

As local leaders arrived at the crime scene, the suspect had disappeared.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrived at the crime scene and started investigations into the murder.

Uwayezu has explained that the family had misunderstandings emanating from the husband who sold the cow received through Girinka program without informing her wife.

“The woman provided information that the husband had sold the cow for which he was arrested and released later. He had shared the money with a cohabiting wife. Apparently, these are prime reasons for their disputes,” he said.

Uwayezu appealed on residents to avoid conflicts or seek local leaders’ interventions to solve disputes amicably.

The woman’s body has been taken to Remera- Rukoma Hospital for postmortem.