Huye: 31 disaster-hit families receive basic home items

On 18 February 2021 at 09:59

A total of 31 families from Huye district whose houses were destroyed by heavy rain in the night of 16th February 2021 have received basic home items including blankets, sockets, jerry cans, plates, casseroles, spoons, floor mats, canvas and soaps.

Some of beneficiaries who received these items provided by Red Cross Rwanda expressed delight for the kind act.

“We voice our appreciation for the support because we were left bare hands without single clothes following the disaster. We have been wearing neighbors’ clothes,” said Kampire Maria.

“It is a pleasure that they have thought about us. May God bless them. These equipment come in handy because nothing was left home following the disaster. However, I can’t afford food nowadays,” said another beneficiary.

Affected residents have also appealed for support to get shelters and foods to leave neighbors’ homes where they are overcrowded.

The Coordinator of Red Cross Rwanda in Huye and Gisagara, Muyenzi Robert, said the support was meant to provide basic items during these days when they are accommodated by neighbors.

“We have today donated items to eight families from Mukura sector, an addition to eight more families from Rusatira sector supported two days ago. We have more items for 15 disaster affected families dropped at Huye Stadium to be distributed shortly,” he said.

The head of disaster management in Huye district, Nsabimana Jean Pierre, explained that affected families will continue receiving support gradually.

“It is a basic support because we are making the report of affected residents in other sectors to provide shelters,” he said.

In Huye district, Disasters have destroyed houses for over 30 families in one week.
Affected residents are currently accommodated by neighbors.

Red Cross Rwanda staff donating home items to one of disaster-affected residents.