KCB Bank Rwanda Plc tips students on path to success

On 9 March 2022 at 10:41

KCB Bank Rwanda Plc has delivered talks to female students at Ecole Notre Dame de la Providence Karubanda, a secondary school located in Huye district, aimed at inspiring them to lead purpose-driven life and work hard to meet their aspirations.

They were delivered by four women from the management of KCB Bank Rwanda Plc on Tuesday 8th March 2022 as the world celebrated the International Women’s Day under the theme ’breaking the bias’.

Odile Mukayiranga, one of representatives from KCB Bank Rwanda Plc has told IGIHE the talks are aimed at mentoring girls from secondary school and remind them of their role to strive for a bright future.

“We came to talk to them about their prospective careers after graduation. Children study with many expectations. We gave them examples proving how people with similar dreams saw them becoming a reality. There are some of us who went through similar learning conditions but currently serving in different positions. We are here to share experience,” she said.

Mukayiranga highlighted that children need to learn from role models to emulate outstanding deeds.

“The absence of this leads to lack of concentration on courses. We have come to instill competitiveness and the culture of hard work to achieve one’s goals,” Mukayiranga noted.

Students were advised against sticking to dark history but rather remain dedicated to achieve their aspirations for a prosperous future.

They were also asked to stand against seductions leading to sexual intercourse and drug abuse and advised to inform their parents or educators on their problems to get assistance.

During the session, parents were also asked to interact with their children, give them guidance and inspire them to stick to God in whatever they do.

Students thankful

Students who attended the session have told IGIHE that they acquired essential skills to shape their future and lead purpose-driven life.

“I have learnt a lot, most importantly, the need to develop reading habit to gain knowledge. The talks delivered today have unleashed my fears and instilled confidence that I am short of nothing to achieve great things. Doors are open for ample opportunities. What I need is to unleash fear and be self-confident,” Cynthia Gihozo Muhongayire said.

Ineza Liza Ines revealed that sticking to prayers and striving for purpose-driven life will be guiding her future steps.

“We have been advised to involve God in our plans and remain disciplined,” she said.

Another student, Atete Olga commended the talks highlighting that they are of critical importance in building their confidence as future leaders.

The head teacher of Ecole Notre Dame de la Providence Karubanda, Sister Philomene Nyirahuku thanked KCB Bank Rwanda Plc for coaching these students.

“Such talks are significant to student’s intellectual journey. Knowledge is not only about what we read in books but also can be acquired from shared experiences. That is why we extend out since gratitude to the delegation from KCB Bank Rwanda Plc for constructive talks delivered to female students, as the world celebrates the International Women’s Day,” she said.

Through IGIRE program, KCB Bank Rwanda Plc sponsors the education of dropouts to attend vocational training every year.

Students have been advised to stand against seductions.
Students were given floor to voice their concerns.
Panelists tipped students path to success.