Huye: Taxi-moto operators advised on traffic and safety compliance

On 26 March 2021 at 07:35

Taxi- moto operators in Huye District have been urged to always comply with the law, rules and regulations as well as directives to enhance their overall safety.

The call was made by the Southern Region Police Commander (RPC), CSP Francis Muheto during a meeting with representatives of commercial motorcyclists operating in Huye, held on Thursday, March 25.

The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Huye, Ange Sebutege.

It was organized and held in accordance with all COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

The meeting with commercial motorcyclists emphasized compliance with the COVID-19 preventive measures, traffic rules and regulations to prevent road accidents and strengthening partnership to fight crimes.

CSP Muheto cautioned the motorcyclists over traffic violations, which continue to cause fatal accidents.

"You do not wake up in the morning to go on the road to die; you go there to work but when you use the road recklessly, the end results are fatal for you, your passenger and even other road users.

You should change your attitude on road and respect road safety standards, reckless use of road means putting lives at high risk," CSP Muheto said.

The RPC further urged them never to ride when they drink, abide when traffic Police officers stop them, respect all COVID-19 prevention guidelines including wearing face mask by both the rider and passenger, sanitize hands to prevent the spread of the virus and practice social distancing at the parking stations.

He reminded the that passengers must always wear a piece of cloth inside the helmet but warned them against using water as hand sanitizer or diluting alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

CSP Muheto further cautioned the taxi-moto operators against facilitating criminality especially transporting smuggled goods, narcotic drugs or drug dealers and thieves.

Scores of motorcyclists have been arrested transporting smuggled goods, narcotics and drug dealers and in other cases acting as spotters guiding drug traffickers on safer routes to avoid arrest.

The Mayor of Huye, Ange Sebutege told tax-moto operators to comply with the government directives and actively participate in government community development programmes.

He further encouraged them to operate in cooperatives and adopt the culture of saving under the government initiative called ’Ejo Heza’.
There are over 1400 taxi moto operators in Huye District.