HWP holds Youth Empowerment and Peace Class for Sustainable Parental Education in Rwanda

On 19 July 2023 at 03:03

HWPL, an international peace NGO, recently organized the ’IPYG Youth Empowerment and Peace Class (YEPC) Parent’s Education for Empowering Families in Rwanda.’

The event held on June 30, focused on the theme of "Parent Education for Family Reinforcement in Rwanda" and aimed to address the educational challenges in the country while providing sustainable parental education. Through this initiative, participants gained a deeper understanding of the significance of parental education, were introduced to effective Korean methods of educating children, and engaged in discussions about the way forward for continuous parental education in Rwanda.

Rwanda experienced tragic history where over 1 million victims were killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi that lasted for 100 days.

This devastating event destroyed the economic, social, and intellectual foundations of the nation, leaving behind a generation that grew up without parental guidance. Consequently, these individuals face difficulties in educating their own children due to the lack of educational experience passed down from their parents, and they lack access to resources for learning. Improving the educational environment for their children remains an unresolved challenge.

Misago Florien, a participant in the parental education program, expressed gratitude for the initiative, stating, "This education was immensely helpful to people who are still dealing with the trauma of the genocide. Many of us had no idea how to teach our children since we never received guidance from our parents. We deeply appreciate IPYG for their concern for Rwanda and providing us with this opportunity to learn. We eagerly look forward to future Parents Education programs."

During the event, HWPL emphasized the importance of parental education, highlighting its potential to foster children’s growth, strengthen family bonds, and enable active participation in education, ultimately helping children break free from poverty cycles. J

Jean Bosco, the Founder of Simple Servant Rwanda, expressed gratitude to IPYG and HWPL for their support in promoting parental education in Rwanda. He stated, "We would like to deepen our understanding of parent’s education for the sake of the next generation. This is a critical investment in our future, and the best teachers are the parents themselves."

As part of its commitment to sustainable peace, HWPL is engaged in three peace initiatives: the establishment of laws for peace, the alliance of religions, and peace education. The organization aims to facilitate continuous parental education in Rwanda and plans to host offline parental education sessions in July.

HWPL also emphasizes the importance of active engagement and efforts from educators, youth organizations, and volunteer workers in Rwanda to promote continuous education at the grassroots level.