Hygiene in the focus of USAID Twiyubake Project completion

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 18 July 2020 at 05:59

Beneficiaries of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Twiyubake Project, have begun to receive materials that will help them even after its completion.

The project known as the ‘Twiyubake’ [USAID / Twiyubake Program] was launched in February 2015, aimed at lifting people out of poverty and contributing to the development of over 50,000 households in five years. Its schedule is expected to end in September 2020.

At the end of the project, the Global Communities project, which is being implemented in collaboration with non-governmental organizations that has started providing materials to beneficiaries, will continue to help them even after its completion in September.

The equipment will be housed in a girl’s room in 258 schools, will be provided with up to 1,500 nursing homes, and handwashing tanks will be distributed across the 12 districts where the project operates.

It was officially launched in Kanyinya Sector in Nyarugenge District on Thursday where the project is being implemented by Global Communities in collaboration with the African Evangelist Enterprise (AEE) and Duhamic Adri.

Muramira Absalom, Deputy Director-General of Global Communities, said that this is one of the project completion ideas they thought of to provide what will help the beneficiaries even after the project.

In Nyarugenge District, the activity has been launched towards the end of the project, reaching 3,717 households out of about 50,000 across the country.

Deputy District Executive Administrator, Nshutiraguma Espérance, said it helped them reach some of the councils the district has.

Some of its beneficiaries said that they have taken away the knowledge that has changed their lives in their work and that they have the knowledge to share it with others.

Director of the Department of Education, Child Safety and Preparation for primary education at the NECDP, Zaninka Freya De Clercq, praised the move, saying the project has left a lasting interest.

“From what we heard today, different people told us that they were going to share it with others which shows us that this project has given lasting results. That’s the decent thing to do."

The materials donated in Nyarugenge District are valued at Rwf113.9 million, including 13.7 tonnes of maize flour, books, hand washing tanks, and kitchen utensils will be used in 49 nurseries, school supplies for students and equipment for girl’s room in 12 institutions in the area.

Overall in 12 districts the where the project works in; 8,000 students are being assisted in education by ’Twiyubake’ and will be provided with facilities that will help them in the start of school in September 2020, in sanitation, hygiene and fight against COVID-19 will be provided with 1700 handwashing tanks, a girl’s room in 258 schools with hygiene facilities.

Students who are being assisted in the 'Twiyubake' project are provided with materials to use when schools reopen.
Zaninka Freya De Clercq said the project has left a lasting interest
Child Development Program established by the Government of Rwanda to take care of children from an early age to six years