Imara Properties: Real estate innovation in Rwanda

On 11 August 2023 at 07:41

Imara Properties, a French-Rwandan company, is transforming the real estate landscape of Rwanda through a series of innovative projects that are well integrated into their environment.

With an offer of apartments and villas adapted to the demand of the real estate market, Imara demonstrates its commitment to meeting the changing needs of the community.

“Phase one, which consisted of the construction of fifteen houses on the hill of Rebero, was a great success,” says Managing Director David Benazeraf. Delivered a year ago, this residential complex is now completely inhabited with satisfied residents.

The phase two is underway in Rebero wih handover planned for November this year. It will build on the momentum of phase one. “We are building six houses and twelve apartments,” says Benazeraf, pointing out that the company is not only building housing, but also creating small communities with common facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym.

He confirms that phase three is under review, proof of the growing momentum of the company. The company has also launched Ituze Village in Kanombe.

The French Ambassador to Rwanda, Antoine Anfré, salutes the efforts of Imara Properties, declaring that: "Imara Properties is a French-Rwandan company that calls on Rwandan expertise. It is an architectural and commercial success that must be continued."

He also underlined that these apartments respond to the challenge of densification of the city of Kigali. "Traditional single-family housing is no longer suited to current challenges," Anfré added.

Imara Properties’ innovative approach to real estate development is not only a response to contemporary challenges, but also an achievement that proves that innovation and creativity can thrive in the real estate industry.

Their innovative investing efforts are a true inspiration to others, demonstrating the transformative potential of the right combination of vision, local expertise and community engagement.

This project demonstrates the importance of international cooperation and partnership in addressing housing challenges in developing countries.

It is clear that the future for Imara Properties is bright and that the company is well on its way to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in real estate.