IMIHIGO: Nyaruguru tops, Rusizi tails

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 1 November 2020 at 10:16

Nyaruguru District claimed the top position in the 2019/20 Imihigo Score with 84% points followed by Huye and Rwamagana as the top three while Nyabihu, Karongi and Rusizi came in last positions.

The announcement of the succession of districts was highlighted by the Head of State at the ceremony held at the Epic Hotel in Nyagatare on Friday; this is after the 2019 Imihigo were suspended to allow proper mainstreaming of the methodology used to measure performance, making sure that the scores attained by districts reflect what is on the ground and actual impact on people’s lives and service delivery.

Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente read out the names of the best and worst performing districts with the Southern Province district of Nyaruguru pipping 29 others to the top slot while Rusizi emerged last.

The first three districts this year were Nyaruguru with 84%, Huye with 82.8% and Rwamagana with 82.4%. Rusizi finished last with a score of 50%.

The Prime Minister said that the 2019/20 Pledge was based on the principle that the results would be reviewed annually, and that the results would be reviewed every three years.

Under the new format of Imihigo, the Prime Minister said they will be doing an assessment every year and another review to check the impact on citizens every three years.

He also mentioned that each target will be considered if it has been achieved 100 %, otherwise it will score 0 %, except in a few exceptions such as the uptake of the community health insurance scheme Mutuelle de Sante. Infrastructure projects will only be considered if complete.

In terms of sector performance, the Economic Cluster outperformed other clusters, garnering 71.9 percent while Governance and Justice and law and order scored 69.1 percent while the Social Affairs sector scored 66.3 percent.

Dr. Ngirente said that they put into consideration the fact that the New Coronavirus outbreak affected the performance of districts, which could explain why Rusizi emerged last. The Western Province district was hard hit by COVID-19.

He pointed out that focus for 2020/21 will be put on recovery from the COVID-19 impact and job creation, to ensure that the unemployment gap, which was increased by the pandemic, is narrowed.

Unemployment in Rwanda currently stands at 22.1 percent, from 13.1 percent in February this year.

How the 30 districts performed in Imihigo

1. Nyaruguru -84%
2. Huye -82.8%
3. Rwamagana 82.4%
4. Gisagara 78.3%
5. Nyanza 77.9%
6. Nyamasheke 77.4%
7. Ngoma 77.3%
8. Kicukiro 77.1%
9. Gasabo 76.4%
10. Kirehe 76.2%
11. Kayonza 73.9%
12. Kamonyi 73.6%
13. Nyagatare 69.3%
14. Gicumbi 68.7%
15. Bugesera 68.5%
16. Gatsibo 68.4%
17. Ruhango 67.9%
18. Rubavu 67.8%
19. Burera 66%
20. Nyamagabe 65%
21. Rutsiro 64.6%
22. Nyarugenge 64.6%
23. Rulindo 62.3%
24. Ngororero 61.5%
25. Muhanga 58.7%
26. Gakenke 55.9%
27. Musanze 53.2%
28. Nyabihu 52.9%
29. Karongi 51.2%
30. Rusizi 50%