Inkesha outlines priorities as new President of Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen

On 11 July 2023 at 03:59

Ariane Inkesha, the newly elected President of Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen, has expressed her commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of peace as her top priorities. Inkesha succeeds Kayitare Florent, who led the club for a year.

Inkesha has been an active member of the Rotary Club since 2015. He was a member of Rotaract and actively engaged in peace and conflict resolution initiatives.

She currently holds the position of Country Director at Alert International Rwanda and serves as the Vice President of Solid Africa, an organization that provides invaluable support to vulnerable patients in Rwandan public hospitals.

Inkesha’s extensive experience with agencies such as UNDP and InterPeace has instilled in her a strong emphasis on member unity and environmental preservation.

During an interview with IGIHE, Inkesha highlighted environmental preservation as a key priority for her presidency.

She plans to expand tree-planting efforts beyond Bugesera to other regions, building upon the club’s previous achievements in 2021.

Besides, she aims to address issues related to education in schools and improve hygiene standards, particularly focusing on the quality of toilets used by children.

Inkesha also intends to dedicate part of her tenure to promoting lasting peace and strengthening unity in Rwanda as well as involving neighboring countries in meetings and joint initiatives to foster collaboration and mutual understanding.

The outgoing President, Kayitare Florent expressed satisfaction with the club’s accomplishments in supporting children in need.

He encouraged Inkesha to continue the existing programs and emphasizes the importance of helping those in need. Kayitare also expressed confidence in Inkesha’s abilities as the new leader.

Established in 1966, Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen currently comprises 42 members and is one of the ten Rotary clubs in Rwanda, with a total membership of over 200 individuals.

Rotary in Rwanda is affiliated with Rotary International, an organization that brings together more than 35,000 clubs and over 1.2 million members dedicated to charitable actions worldwide.

Kayitare also expressed confidence in Inkesha’s abilities as the new President Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen.
The event was attended by a large number of Rotarians.
It was glamour as Inkesha was installed as the President of Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen.
Inkesha has been an active member of Rotary Club since 2015.