Inside Hence, a tech company building solutions for global companies from the heart of Rwanda

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 21 September 2022 at 10:19

Rwanda has expended much effort to promote technology where it seeks to become a hub in Africa and beyond.

The idea of becoming a technology hub surfaced in May 2016 at the World Economic Forum that took place in Kigali

Six years later, almost many services in the country are offered digitally. These include payment for travel, medical care, education, tourism, administrative services and more.

These efforts have lured Hence Technologies, a technology company from the United Kingdom (UK) into Rwanda for its dedication of promoting technology and the country’s support for businesses.

Hence Technologies is a Hence is a tech start-up that uses AI-driven data to help companies manage their legal outsourcing.

This company is based in Kimihurura in Kigali City where it provides various services.

Arun Shanmuganathan, a co-founder of Hence Technologies has told IGIHE that they decided to come to Rwanda as part of their plans to expand footprints in Africa.

”We are building technology that allows companies to make better decisions about which lawyers at the moment they should be using so that they can be able to save money and select better and get more value out of their lawyers,” he said.

Through this technology, Hence Technologies helps its associated companies access information that they can use day to day.

“The technology we are building is a single platform that integrates data from a variety of sources and captures it in a single system that allows you to easily maneuver search, filter and find information you need much more easily,” Shanmuganathan said.

The Business Development Manager at Hence Technologies, Nancy Ndekwe, also highlighted that they thought of helping companies to find lawyers by eliminating the existing gap.

” We found that the space given to the law is not being put into practice. We want to be able to build a solution that is not only built from the continent but is mostly targeted toward the global economy. So because of that legal frame seem to be the one that we want to tackle and take care of at this specific moment and so far it really is going well with the data and of course we are using AI to backup that up as well,” she noted.

In building this technology, Hence Technologies spoke with the world’s largest corporations, only to find that many were losing millions of dollars in legal fees.

Arun Shanmuganathan went on to explain that it prompted them to provide a related solution.

On the Rwandan market, Nancy said that they found that many people need to know the specific lawyers that they can work with.

“Within the Rwandan market and the African market, the law area hasn’t grown as much as we’ve seen globally. That’s also something that we want to be able to contribute for people to have that space to work around,” she said.

On reasons that pushed the company to open doors in Rwanda, Nancy explained that the country with ongoing efforts to advance technology is telling a story of how is it going to be in the tech hub.

“You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to come up with a solution that works there. We are building it from here, from Rwanda, to be able to service within the global market,” she affirmed.

Silicon Valley, located in the United States of America, is considered the capital of the world’s leading technology companies.

Experts show that at least 2 percent of the biggest companies in the world in technology are the ones who create their development based on it, and they are the ones who plan the miracle projects that spread around the world after some time.

Shanmuganathan said that they saw Rwanda as a place that would contribute well to their goals.

“Rwanda is a great base, it is a great place to do business because a lot of people across the continent want to live here, because Investors are excited about coming here into a stable, secure environment. So, Rwanda is a great starting point because we can test out the product, we can try to get to know this market but really our ambitions are global including a lot of Africa so we imagine bringing talent from across the continent into Rwanda,” he noted.

After opening doors to Rwanda, Hence Technologies was pleased to find talented people who are passionate about creating technology that will solve the problems the world is facing.

“People we want to talk to here is everyone involved in the tech ecosystem. So, we are talking about entrepreneurs, we are talking about technologists, we are talking about investors, we are talking about everyone, your parents and educators. We really think that is important to realize that Rwanda is going up there, people from Rwanda are solving these problems or contribute to this ecosystem,” Shanmuganathan underscored.

He said that the main problems they see most companies face is that they often use different lawyers without knowing who is in the right position to handle their cases appropriately.

At the global level, Hence Technologies works with leading companies. In Rwanda, it focuses on while in Rwanda it focuses on education services.

Hence Technologies employs approximately 25 different employees from 11 countries.

Hence Technologies is headquartered in Kimihurura, Kigali City.
Hence has a diverse staff.
Arun Shanmuganathan, a co-founder at Hence Technologiestalking to the Business Development Manager, Nancy Ndekwe.