Inside Neiitic-Rwk plant revolutionizing Rwanda’s Smart Television Market with innovation and affordability

On 29 September 2023 at 12:22

Right in the heart of Kigali, Neiitic-Rwk enterprise is reshaping the local smart television market, offering state-of-the-art products that are not only cutting-edge but also cost-effective and built to last.

Established in 2022 in Kigali Special Economic Zone, this company is owned by Lio Wenjun, a well-known figure in China’s television industry and Smart home field.

Spanning a range from 24 to 98 inches, the factory assembles televisions that cater to diverse needs and spaces, boasting an impressive production capacity of 150 units per day, with the potential to scale up to a staggering 2 million per month. This feat is achieved through the unwavering dedication of approximately thirty young, passionate employees.

Peter Mugisha, the Head of Sales at Neiitc-Rwk, takes immense pride in the team’s commitment.

He explained that their products come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and feature an internal stabilizer that safeguards against overvoltage or short-circuits.

Remarkably, this robustness does not come at the expense of affordability and the company attaches great relevance to generous customer service policy in the event of any malfunctions.

However, Neiitic-Rwk’s commitment extends beyond product quality. Driven by environmental concerns, it collaborates with parent company in China to collect defective televisions for recycling.

In response to the high costs and complications associated with importing household appliances, the company is planning to diversify its offerings soon, incorporating refrigerators and other products into their catalog.

A visit to their factory is an experience in itself. From the initial screen connections to the meticulous installation of various cables, each step is executed with precision by a dedicated team. The end result lives up to expectations, as evident in the competitive pricing of their products in the market.

Mugisha shares an optimistic outlook, declaring, "By producing locally, we’ve overcome numerous challenges, including importation delays. Our distributors now enjoy uninterrupted supply, and we ensure impeccable after-sales service."

The reduction in importation costs and delays, coupled with the increase in local television stock, bear testimony to the resounding success and positive impact of Neiitic-Rwk on the local economy.

With prices starting at just Rwf90,000 for a 24-inch model and reaching Rwf4.5 million for a 98-inch unit, accessibility to top-notch technology is now within tangible reach.

In a world dominated by technology, Neiitic-Rwk stands as a beacon of innovation, affirming that innovation is the cornerstone of prosperity. Through their entrepreneurial spirit, they are paving the way for a flourishing technological future in Rwanda, an adventure well worth monitoring closely.