Inside TechAffinity, software services provider with great zeal to foster employment among Rwandans

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 6 June 2023 at 04:41

The latest quarterly survey conducted by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) on employment, known as the Labour Force Survey (LFS) indicated that 3,803,942 people accounting for 47.7% of over13 million Rwandan population, are currently employed while unemployment rate in the country stands at 17.2%.

As per the Labour Force Survey, in February 2023, the working-age population (16 years and above) was approximately 8 million, with 3,803,942 individuals employed, 792,115 unemployed, and 3,380,192 individuals out of the labor force.

The figures speak to the need for concerted efforts through public-private partnerships to create new jobs while entrepreneurs are urged to contribute to the country’s target to create 1.5 million jobs by 2024 under the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1).

With presence in different countries including the United States of America (USA), India and El Salvador; TechAffinity, a global software services company has pledged to support this noble cause through providing employment and training opportunities for Rwandans.

The company’s aspirations to foster employment were disclosed during an interview with IGIHE on the sidelines of the just concluded GITEX Africa Summit that took place from 31 May to 2nd June 2023 at the Bab Jdid, Boulevard Al Yarmouk, and Marrakech, Morocco.

GITEX Africa is a premier technology event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers from around the world.

With a focus on software services, upskill training programs, and youth employment initiatives, TechAffinity aims to empower businesses, nurture talent, and drive digital transformation across the African continent.

TechAffinity offers a comprehensive suite of software services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, cloud services, digital operations and data analytics.

The company’s expertise in emerging technologies enables businesses to unlock their full potential, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve digital success.

In addition to its software services, TechAffinity is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through upskill training programs and youth employment initiatives.

Speaking to IGIHE; Anub Kumar, Chief Growth Officer at TechAffinity said that the company attaches great relevance to equipping young professionals with the necessary skills for a rapidly evolving digital landscape, and offers comprehensive training programs that focus on industry-relevant technologies and hands-on experience.

With 23 years of operations, the company is mainly based in the United States and opened doors to Rwanda a year ago.

“During COVID-19 pandemic, we thought of having one more office and we did all the analysis and found Rwanda is the best place. So, we started,” said Kumar.

As he explained, the management initially thought of having experienced youth to be recruited and later took a firm decision to train locals. Kumar said, TechAffinity has so far recruited and trained more than 30 interns.

“Now they are into live projects and speak to clients all over the world. We are planning to expand our operations and as a part of it, we are now going to the largest space on the fourth floor of Cogebanque,” he noted.

Kumar further stated that ‘the company currently employs around 35 Rwandans with ambitions to increase the number to 100 in two years’.

As he said, they are working on applications like React, Python encompassing cutting-edge technologies.

“We can hire senior developers but we don’t want to do that. We want to help the youth of Rwanda. We want to empower the youth of Rwanda. That’s why we have taken interns.They are our permanent employees with all the benefits, with health insurance among other benefits.” He noted.

“Now every employee, every member of our team is interacting with Americans, UK people across the globe. That is the growth we are bringing to the youth of Rwanda,” added Kumar.

As he explained, locals are first trained on technology in which they have interest and receive skills relevant to their career.

“It is not just classroom training, but what we do is we put them on the live project with the current team so that they understand what software development life cycle is, what software management is, how to manage a project and how to handle the delivery among others,” stated Kumar.

He also revealed that the company wants to raise Rwanda’s flag high as a safe business environment and felt proud to be part of startups representing the country at GITEX Summit.

“We are present in different countries but Rwanda will be our home for Africa. We will operate out of our Kigali for the entire Africa,” said Kumar.

“Besides, I wanted to represent Rwanda in GITEX Africa because this is the first African event of its kind. We thought why can’t we bring our country-Rwanda to GITEX? As you can see, our stand is completely made of colors making up the Rwandan flag and everything,” disclosed Kumar.

He urged Rwandan youth to cultivate self-confidence and assured support to contribute to that cause within the company’s capacities.

Anub Kumar taking visitors through offered services at GITEX Africa Summit.
Anub Kumar, Chief Growth Officer at TechAffinity has said that the company attaches great relevance to equipping young professionals with the necessary skills for a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
TechAffinity expanded its operations into Africa with an official grand opening ceremony of their development center in Kigali, Rwanda on March 14, 2022. The event was held at the Kigali Convention Center.