Interview: World Media Summit provides platform for dialogue, experience exchange between global media outlets — TV BRICS CEO

By Xinhua
On 3 December 2023 at 08:25

MOSCOW, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) — The upcoming World Media Summit will provide a great platform for global media outlets to exchange experience, identify the main challenges currently confronting the media industry and jointly explore effective solutions to these problems, said Janna Tolstikova, the CEO of TV BRICS.

"We are looking forward to exchanging experience with media from different countries at the upcoming summit, particularly with regard to the coverage of sustainable development, socio-economic and humanitarian issues," Tolstikova told Xinhua in a recent interview ahead of the fifth World Media Summit, which will be held in China’s southern cities of Guangzhou and Kunming in December.

The summit "provides a platform that encourages the exchange of experience between the world’s media, that helps to identify the main trends and key challenges in the media industry and determine how to jointly respond to these," she said.

It will present a valuable occasion not just to showcase one’s resources and work to colleagues from across the world, but also an opportunity to forge new partnerships, conduct practical negotiations and foster lasting connections for the future, she added.

Highlighting media’s increasingly significant role in building relationships between countries and fostering dialogue between states, the CEO of TV BRICS said, "It is the work of the media that allows us to ’build bridges’ between countries and entire civilizations, to introduce them to each other, to unite and bring them together."

"The media coverage of certain problems allows us to quite literally highlight some of the most important topics amidst the endless flow of information," she said.

Noting that there has been a noticeable increase in coordination between major media outlets of the BRICS members, she said, "BRICS countries have worked to strengthen media cooperation in recent years."

"We are seeing an intensification of information exchange, we can see how the media of BRICS countries are jointly working to cover the association’s common agenda, and it is the bilateral contacts between the media of the BRICS countries that have been the most active," Tolstikova said.