Intwari Primary School receives SATO toilet pans to improve hygiene and sanitation

On 16 November 2021 at 05:55

SATO Rwanda has donated 23 SATO toilet pans to Intwari Primary School in a bid to help students improve hygiene and prevent diseases related to poor sanitation.

Created in 2012 with the purpose to tackle the global sanitation challenge, SATO is an award-winning social business which aims to empower underserved communities so they can live safer and more confident lives. SATO Toilets offers innovative, aspirational yet affordable sanitation and hygiene solutions for a better toilet experience.

The company’s products have been developed based customers’ needs. They range from SATO toilet and connection systems to SATO taps for hand washing.

SATO’s solutions are associated with durability and are easy to clean and easy to install.

SATO’s toilets are made of plastics and placed directly over pits.

The SATO leader in Rwanda, Cyrus Ntaganira has said that the unique design of SATO toilets allays fears for children using them and help to prevent poor hygiene and sanitation related diseases.

“These toilets will promote hygiene among students and prevent diseases emanating from poor hygiene because they are easy to clean helping to eliminate bad odors and keep away flies. The school accommodates many students some of whom feared to use pit latrines lest they fall in holes. Our toilets are safe for children and user friendly” he said.

Ntaganira explained that the company plans to mobilize every Rwandan household to own SATO toilets to maintain hygiene and prevent diseases resulting from poor sanitation.

Doreen Kobusingye, a student in primary 3 has told IGIHE that hygiene standards have improved since they started using SATO toilets.

“Previously used open pit toilets attracted flies and produced bad odour that using them was not safe. We are however grateful that new toilets upgraded with SATO are always clean enough. It would be better if we could also have similar toilets at home to improve hygiene and sanitation,” she said.

The representative of parents with children at the school, Marie Claire Umumararungu has said that she will mobilize her colleagues to install and own SATO toilets at home.

“Improved Hygiene and sanitation is the source of good health and helps children to concentrate on studies. We are not only thankful that the company has donated these SATO toilets for free, but also we want to make possible efforts to help students maintain hygiene at home by using similar toilets,” she noted.

With footprints in different countries, SATO has been operating in Rwanda since 2017.

It has three types of SATO toilets which all of them have uniqueness of a trap door that automatically opens and closes itself with a water seal mechanism which all eliminates bad smell, Flies and other insects that would spread germs. They are also safe for kids, easy to clean and can be installed at any toilet slab be on mud , wooden or concrete slab which makes SATO a toilet for everyone everywhere.

Another note was on SATO stool which is Much user-friendly for elderly people who have difficulties to squat and are also easy to use by differently abled people.

This year, SATO Rwanda also donated SATO toilets to Gahanga II Primary School located in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro district and GS Remera Catholique.

SATO toilets are affordable and available in hardware shops across the country.

Wholesale businesses can find SATO products at Ecomem Co LTD located in Gisozi-Kigali.

The Managing Director of SATO Rwanda, Cyrus Ntaganira has said that the unique design of the company’s toilet pans allays fears for children using them.
Ntaganira explained that the company plans to mobilize every Rwandan household to own SATO toilet pan to maintain hygiene.
Parents with children at the school have pledged to mobilize colleagues to own SATO toilets at home.
SATO’s toilet pans are made of plastics and placed directly over pits.