Inzozi Lotto introduces daily drawing game, Igitego Lotto

On 2 August 2022 at 01:47

Beginning Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, Inzozi Lotto will be adding an additional daily drawing game “IGITEGO LOTTO” that will be played every day at 5:00 p.m.

Currently, Inzozi Lotto has Jackpot lotto which is a weekly drawing game held on Sundays. The new game will offer Inzozi Lotto players an opportunity to win big every day.

“We expect the new game to engage more players, offer an opportunity to change the financial lives of many but also accelerate revenue generation for our sport projects. By adding a fourth game to Inzozi Lotto, it will help players win even bigger when playing the lottery,” said Thierry Nshuti, the Deputy Managing Director of Inzozi Lotto. It will also help generate faster-growing winnings amount on a daily and weekly basis.

How it works

Igitego Lotto offers players a day drawing, which means any player, has a chance to win. Every day at 5:00pm, one ticket will be drawn from the tickets purchased that day, and the winner will receive 47% of the total IGITEGO LOTTO tickets purchased that day, excluding tax.

Here’s how to play:

• The player chooses two digits from the 6 numbers that make up a ticket.

• The player can decide if they want their 2 digit numbers at the beginning, middle or last place or they can choose to write their own 6 digits a whole number.

• Once you have selected your two numbers, you are presented with a list of all remaining tickets with the numbers you have selected, and confirm when you are happy with your numbers.

• Igitego lotto ticket costs just Rwf200 and you can buy as many tickets as you want.

About Inzozi Lotto

The Ministry of Sports in partnership with Carousel LTD launched the Rwanda National Lottery with a goal to develop professional sports in the country. The Lottery operates under the commercial brand – Inzozi Lotto.

Inzozi Lotto has 3 other games including; Quick Lotto that is drawn every 10 minutes, Quick 10 that is drawn every 5 minutes, and the Jackpot Lotto that is drawn every week. Inzozi Lotto tickets range from Rwf300 – 500 and can be purchased from agents on the streets, from mobile by dialing *240# or through the Inzozi Lotto website https://www.inzozilotto.rw