Irembo Awards Best Performing Districts in Service Delivery using IremboGov Platform

On 27 November 2022 at 06:20

On Friday 25th November 2022, Irembo in partnership with MINALOC organized its inaugural IremboGov service delivery awards for government officials who provide excellent e-services using the IremboGov platform in a bid to inspire efficiency in public service delivery through digitization.

The event which was hosted at the Kigali Marriott Hotel was attended by Minister of Local Government, Jean Claude Musabyimana, Lord Mayor of the city of Kigali, Pudence Rubingisa, Governors and Mayors from their respective provinces and districts as well as several other local government officials.

The criteria for the service delivery awards included the processing rate of citizen applications through the IremboGov platform, the average processing time, and the number of self-applications performed by citizens in a district based on the monthly reports generated from Irembo.

According to Irembo CEO, Israel Bimpe, there are over 29 public services administered by the local government through the IremboGov platform which are crucial for almost every citizen at some point in their lives. “The service delivery awards are meant to enable us to reflect on how public e-services are being delivered and what we can emulate from those that are excelling in supporting the citizens to efficiently access these services” he said.

The City of Kigali emerged as the best performing province with Kicukiro as the leading district, followed by the Southern Province, where Huye district was the second best district in service delivery on the IremboGov platform and Nyarugenge district the 3rd best in the district category.

The sectors awarded were Ruhunde sector in Burera district, Kabaya sector in Ngororero district, Fumbwe sector in Rwamagana District, Simbi sector in Huye District and Niboye sector in Kicukiro district, where different local government officers such as District IT officers, CRO, DEA, and Executive Secretaries, who were at the forefront in delivering the services, were recognized for their outstanding performances during the event.

Speaking on behalf of the award recipients, Civil Registration Officer (CRO) from Fumbwe Sector in Rwamagana District, Ntirushwa Antoine, thanked Irembo for making service delivery easy. “Citizens have been relieved of the burden to travel from one sector to another to get certain services such as birth certificates or marriage certificates. Irembo has supported us to embark on the dream to achieve the mission of ‘zero trip, zero paper’ in delivering services to citizens” he said.

The Minister of Local Government, Musabyimana Jean Claude congratulated the respective receipts of the IremboGov service delivery awards and urged the district authorities to leverage the use of innovations in digital technologies to be more efficient in serving citizens.

“According to the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1), we have a mandate as a government to exceed 90% in delivering good services to the citizens and to be able to digitize all government services by 2024. To achieve this, we shall need everyone’s efforts.” said Minister Musabyimana.

In his closing remarks the Minister commended Irembo for being a key stakeholder in digitizing government services and encouraged the participants to utilize the provision of IremboGov platform to deliver quick and efficient services to the citizens.

Executive Secretary and Civil Registration Officer of Kabaya sector in Ngororero district were recognised for their outstanding performance in serving citizens using IremboGov platform.
Group photo of recipients of the IremboGov service delivery awards together with Minister of Local Government, Musabyimana Jean Claude, Irembo CEO, Israel Bimpe and other local government officials.
Kicukiro district was awarded as the best performing district in service delivery using IremboGov platform.
Huye district was awarded as the second best district in service delivery using IremboGov platform.
The Mayor of City of Kigali received an award from Minister of Local Government, Jean Claude Musabyimana and Irembo CEO, Israel Bimpe as the best performing province.
Participants of the event following presentations.
The Governor of Southern Province receives certificate of recognition presented by Minister of Local Government, Musabyimana Jean Claude and Irembo CEO Israel Bimpe, as the second best province in service delivery using Irembo platform.