Jibu Rwanda’s journey of providing jobs, access to safe and affordable drinking water

On 25 November 2020 at 03:46

Jibu is a firm producing bottled water brands that has been on Rwanda’s market for eight years. The company capitalizes and equips emerging market entrepreneurs to create affordable access to drinking water and other necessities.

Jibu set up in Rwanda in 2012 with a focus on producing safe drinking water using up to date water purification methods licensed by Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) and Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Kabatende Darlington, the Managing Director of Jibu Rwanda has told IGIHE that the company has since inception gradually instilled the culture of drinking safe water among Rwandans and created job opportunities for Rwandans.

“There are many achievements to celebrate. We have brought Jibu water closer to Rwandans and its benefits to public attention as much as we can. Rwandans are thankful because many people used to drink boiled water. It would take time and the hygiene of such water is sometimes compromised. We are happy that Rwandans in different districts have embraced our products over the past eight years,” he said.

Kabatende explained that the cost should not be a barrier for Rwandans because Jibu water is made available at fair pricing.

“We use reliable filtration methods to produce Jibu water and make it available nearby Rwandans’ homes at lower price. With only Rwf 1500, one can buy 20 liters contained in bottles with tap dispenser,” he noted encouraging more Rwandans to take advantage of that opportunity.

Providing job opportunities

Apart from instilling the culture of drinking safe water, Jibu has been a gateway for many to become entrepreneurs.

Through ‘Franchising’ model, Jibu has granted Rwandans an authorization to develop businesses acting as agents for the company’s products. According to Kabatende , this goes with progressive training to agents to ensure they meet requirements.

“We have among others granted authorization to many Rwandans to sell Jibu water which created room for new opportunities. We have agents representing us in many shops granted authorization to filter and sell Jibu water. It has created chains of job opportunities to many Rwandans countrywide involved in those activities,” he stressed.

Through the Franchising model, Jibu works with 50 agents producing its brand water and closely follows them up to ensure standards are respected.

To date, Jibu employs 500 Rwandans of whom the majority is the youth.

Jibu has footprints in other regional countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The company eyes expansion into other basic needs. It has already started manufacturing porridge flour known as ‘Jibu Healthy porridge’ and plans to introduce gas in coming days.

Jibu also participates in different Government programs aimed at promoting citizens’ welfare.

JIBU has instilled the culture of drinking safe water among Rwandans.
Jibu water is made available in different shops countrywide.
Jibu leverages on updated water purification methods meeting standards.
Jibu has ventured into the manufacturing of porridge flour.
The Managing Director of Jibu Rwanda, Darlington Kabatende says the company has facilitated easy access to safe drinking water among Rwandans.