Joe Biden’s dog bites secret service agent for the 11th time

By Esther Muhozi
On 27 September 2023 at 03:37

In yet another unfortunate incident, President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, has bitten a Secret Service agent, marking the 11th known biting incident involving the 2-year-old purebred dog.

The most recent incident took place on a Monday night around 8 p.m. on the White House grounds.

According to Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, a Uniformed Division police officer had an encounter with Commander and was subsequently bitten. Fortunately, the injured officer received prompt medical attention on the scene and is reported to be in stable condition.

This latest episode adds to a growing list of biting incidents involving Commander, with records disclosed by the conservative group Judicial Watch in July revealing ten previous attacks on Secret Service officers. In one of these incidents, a Secret Service agent had to be hospitalized due to the severity of the bite.

According to Sky News, Commander became a part of the Biden family in December 2021, gifted to them after their other dog, Major, was sent to live with family friends due to a series of biting incidents. Sadly, a third Biden family dog, Champ, passed away in June 2021 at the age of 13.

Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for First Lady Jill Biden, acknowledged the challenges faced by family pets in the White House environment. She stated, "As we’ve noted before, the White House can be a stressful environment for family pets, and the First Family continues to work on ways to help Commander handle the often unpredictable nature of the White House grounds." Alexander expressed gratitude towards the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for their commitment to the safety of the First Family and the nation.

In response to Commander’s previous biting incidents, the First Lady’s office announced plans to implement additional leash protocols and training for the dog, as well as establish designated areas for Commander to run and exercise. These measures are aimed at preventing future incidents and ensuring the safety of those working at the White House.

As the Biden family strives to address Commander’s behavior, these repeated incidents emphasize the unique challenges that pets face in the high-stress environment of the White House.