Joy as ten Huye families of Genocide survivors receive decent shelters

On 14 April 2021 at 10:20

Ten families of survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Kigoma sector, Huye district in Southern Province have received decent shelters.

They received newly constructed houses yesterday as Kigoma sector commemorated Tutsi killed in the area during Genocide against Tutsi.

During the event, three remains of Genocide victims exhumed recently were accorded decent burial.

Survivors who received these houses equipped with basic furniture, sanitary items, kitchen utensils, beddings, chairs, tables and cupboard said that their livelihoods are set to be transformed.

Patricie Mukarurinda, 51, said that she had an old house in poor conditions that she was obliged to move to Eastern Province where she did casual work to get rental fees.

“I went to Kibungo in September 2017. I January I learnt that they are building houses for us and was surprised again recently when the executive secretary called me to come and chose a house randomly,” she revealed.

Mukarurinda is a mother of three. He thanked the leadership for providing decent shelter and pledged to take good care of it.

“I will properly take care of the house and replace broken glasses without requirement for further support,” she noted.

The President of IBUKA, organization umbrella of Genocide survivors in Huye district, Théodate Siboyintore has said that failure to get decent shelters is among other challenges facing some Genocide survivors noting they will gradually support them within available means.

“There are still problems related to Genocide consequences like trauma and unhealed wounds. Inadequate shelters and old houses also worsens survivors’ hard life but we provide decent shelters gradually as we get means starting from those with most pressing needs,” he explained.

Each family received a house with a kitchen, toilet and water reservoir. They were completed at a cost of Rwf 120 million.

Some of houses built for Genocide survivors in Kigoma sector.