Kagame approves retirement of 12 Generals, including Kabarebe

On 31 August 2023 at 06:34

President Paul Kagame and Commander-In-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), has approved the retirement of 12 Generals and a number of officers.

This includes individuals whose contractual duties have concluded and others who are departing the military due to medical reasons. The announcement regarding these retirements was made on Wednesday, August 30, through an official statement released by RDF.

Among the notable retirees are four-star generals including James Kabarebe and Fred Ibingira.

Additionally, two three-star generals, Charles Kayonga and Frank Mushyo Kamanzi, are included in the list. Both Kabarebe and Kayonga have previously held the position of Chief of Defence Staff within the RDF, while the other two have served as service chiefs in the past.

James Kabarebe, who has also served as the Minister of Defence, presently holds the role of Senior Presidential Advisor on Defence and Security. Meanwhile, Frank Mushyo Kamanzi currently serves as Rwanda’s Ambassador to Russia.

The roster of retirees also encompasses five Major Generals: Martin Nzaramba, Eric Murokore, Augustin Turagara, Charles Karamba, and Albert Murasira. Additionally, there are three Brigadier Generals: Chris Murari, Didace Ndahiro, and Emmanuel Ndahiro. Noteworthy among them, Albert Murasira is the Minister of Emergency Management, and Charles Karamba currently serves as Rwanda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union.

Eric Murokore has held the position of Regional Reserve Force Commander-Northern, while Augustin Turagara was formerly the Commandant of the RDF General Headquarters-Kanombe.

In conjunction with the retirements, the statement from the RDF also communicates that President Kagame has approved the retirement of 83 senior officers, six junior officers, and 86 senior noncommissioned officers.

Furthermore, this approval covers 678 individuals whose contracts have concluded and 160 individuals who are leaving due to medical discharges.

James Kabarebehas been serving as the Senior Presidential Advisor on Defence and Security prior to his retirement.
Gen Fred Ibingira has been also sent into retirement.
Lt Gen Frank Mushyo Kamanzi currently serves as Rwanda's Ambassador to Russia.
Maj Gen Eric Murokore is also among Generals whose retirement was approved on Wednesday.
Maj Gen Augustin Turagara is also on the list of retiring Generals.
Brig Gen Chris Murari.
Rtd Maj Gen Albert Murasira was recently named Minister of Emergency Management.