Kagame officially inaugurates ‘Norrsken Kigali House’

On 8 November 2023 at 01:58

President Paul Kagame has officially inaugurated ’Norrsken Kigali House,’ a branch of Norrsken based in East Africa and the continent’s largest entrepreneurship hub.

The latter is owned by the Norrsken Foundation, a Swedish non-profit organization that supports and invests in entrepreneurs addressing global challenges, including poverty, famine, environmental issues, mental health, and discrimination.

Norrsken East Africa is situated on the former Ecole Belge premises in Kigali. By bringing together entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporate entities, Norrsken aims to foster business growth and networking opportunities for East Africa’s leading startups.

The inauguration ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, was attended by dignitaries, including the Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paula Ingabire Musoni, Co-founder and CEO of Norrsken, Niklas Adalberth, and the Managing Director of Norrsken Kigali House, Pascal Murasira.

Commencing operations in 2021, Norrsken Kigali House presently offers co-working space for 1,200 young entrepreneurs with innovative tech startups. The hub has generated a remarkable $45 million in just two years.

The inauguration coincided with ’Norrsken Africa Week 2023,’ an event aimed at accelerating Africa’s growing tech and startup ecosystem. Hosted at Norrsken House Kigali, the two-day event will focus on opportunities for investors and startups on the continent.

Pascal Murasira, the Managing Director of Norrsken House Kigali, highlighted the comprehensive support provided to entrepreneurs by Norrsken Kigali House, including cutting-edge infrastructure, networking opportunities, and facilitating initial investments. The hub has emerged as a catalyst, showcasing local startups to an international audience of investors, and it embodies an ecological consciousness in both its aesthetics and functionality.

State-of-the-art connectivity ensures users seamless access to technological resources, making it an ideal space for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Niklas Adalberth expressed his gratitude to President Kagame and the Rwandan government for their support in establishing Norrsken in the country. Norrsken’s total investment in Rwanda amounts to $20 million, part of a broader commitment of $250 million dedicated to Africa.

During his address, President Kagame invited investors to see Africa as a land of rich opportunities and untapped potential. He emphasized the importance of valuing not only the market but also the dynamic populations and societies of the continent, aligning with the vision of making Kigali an indispensable technological hub in Africa.

With the construction of a new facility, Norrsken Kigali House reaffirms its expansion ambitions.

This upcoming building, estimated at Rwf7 billion, commits to maintaining the organization’s environmental focus, with 30% of its area dedicated to greenery.

President Kagame along with co-founder of Norrsken, Niklas Adalberth officially inaugurating ‘Norrsken Kigali House’.