Kagame sheds light on impact of Macron’s visit to Rwanda

On 22 June 2021 at 11:03

President Paul Kagame has revealed that the recent visit of his counterpart of French, Emmanuel Macron to Rwanda was of great significance taking into consideration outlined basis of truth of Genocide against Tutsi in which French Government played a big role.

Kagame made the observation yesterday as he attended ‘Qatar Economic Forum’ on topics revolving around leadership in a Post-Pandemic World.

Macron visited Rwanda for two-day official visit from 27th to 28th May 2021.

On his visit, the French President admitted his country’s responsibility in Genocide against Tutsi.

"Standing here today, with humility and respect, by your side, I have come to recognize our responsibilities," said Macron.

He revealed that France had a duty to admit the "suffering it inflicted on the Rwandan people by too long valuing silence over the examination of the truth."

Macron said that only those who had survived the horrors “can perhaps forgive; give us the gift of forgiveness”.

When asked what he thought about the apology, Kagame said that the visit of President Macron and the statement he made were important in outlining the basis of the apology he made to Rwanda and Rwandans referring to French involvement in Genocide against Tutsi.

“This was very important not only in terms of the apology but also about the truth of what happened,” he stated.

The President highlighted that admitting the responsibility is important to desisting propagandists denying and trivializing Genocide against Tutsi.

“Admitting this responsibility was important in many ways because in the recent years, we have noticed increase in the denial and revision of the Genocide history and all kind of narratives beginning to form to create a different story. France has been big part of that. The truth that came from President Macron and the admission he made on France’s responsibility is helpful to managing this otherwise negative development that we have noticed in the recent years,” said Kagame.

Kagame explained that with better relations and the basis of the truth that came out and putting things largely in the right perspective, both countries are likely to enjoy ‘better cooperation and joint investments in places and areas that matter for our development as Rwanda and I am sure in the end it benefits France as well’.

“This kind of cooperation is very important and we are looking forward to that and building on living this ugly history of ours behind us and being able to forge ahead is what Rwanda is looking for,” he emphasized.