Kagame swears-in five senior officials

On 6 septembre 2021 at 12:57

President Paul Kagame has officiated the swearing-in ceremony of five senior officials recently appointed to new duties.

These include the Minister of the newly created Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement, Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana ; the Army Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Mubarak Muganga ; the Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), Juvénal Malizamunda ; the Deputy Secretary General of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Col Jean Paul Nyirubutama and the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kagame urged sworn-in leaders to build on existing achievements and leverage lessons learnt from the past to continue building the nation with self-less dedication.

“Nation building is every Rwandan’s responsibility because this country belongs to all of us. These responsibilities are not new to us. We have experienced a lot to help us not repeat our past mistakes. Instead, we need to devise new, innovative ways that are adept to the times we are in and deliver on our promises,” he said.

“We already have a solid foundation that we must now build on to achieve even more. This is where our country gets its strength,” added Kagame.

Dr. Bizimana who previously served as the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) was named Minister of National Unity and Civic Engagement on 31st August following the creation of the Ministry on 14th July 2021.

Among others, Lt General Mubarakh Muganga was promoted from the rank of Major General in June this year and appointed Army Chief of Staff.

Marizamunda who also served as the Deputy Commissioner General of Police (DCGP) in charge of Administration and Finance, Juvénal Marizamunda was appointed Commissioner General of the Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) in April 2021 replacing CGP George Rwigamba who had held the office since March 2016.

Marizamunda was replaced by Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza who had been serving as the RCS Deputy Commissioner General prior her new appointment.

Meanwhile, Jean Paul Nyirubutama who is also among newly sworn in leaders was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel in June 2021 and appointed Deputy Secretary General of NISS.

President Paul Kagame in a group photo with sworn-in officials.