Kagame urges CAF Executive Committee on teamwork to achieve maximum results

On 15 May 2021 at 04:35

President Paul Kagame has requested the Executive Committee of African Confederation of African Football (CAF) to change mindsets, strive for the development of football on the continent and do things with great perfection to maximize the benefits and outcomes of whatever they do.

President Kagame delivered the message today as he addressed the official opening of the Confederation of African Football Executive Committee Meeting.

The meeting was also attended by the President of the World Football governing body (FIFA), Gianni Infantino and CAF President, Patrice Motsepe.

President Kagame said that there is convergence between politics and other duties which requires great perfection to serve interests of citizens.

“I do politics for a living, but I also make sure that I have to do or get involved with good politics. It is not just politics, it is good politics. And because of that background, I find almost in everything, politics or there is convergence between politics and everything else,” he said.

Kagame observed that what the development of sports requires is similar to what is taking place across the political spectrum and stressed need for team work to achieve maximum results.

“…And that is not by accident, it is because there are similarities irrespective of whatever sector you are looking at. If you look at sports, sports teams, clubs, whatever from football to any other sports, builds on a number of things. And becomes similar to everything we do in politics. Whether it is Government or any other kind of politics,” he said.

“It is about leadership. You need to have leaders, you need to have vision, and then when it comes down to details, you find that we want to work as a team in our daily exercise of duty. Whether it is football, any other sports, or Government, and so on. In the same exercise of duty, we want also to be humble about it. That is what will give us maximum results,” added Kagame.

The President told participants to work together not only as teams that are involved in doing whatever specific task but also think about others beyond specific teams.

“If you have Government […] you see all that through it. It is a Government and team, but a team serving what purpose? It is for the citizens of our country,” he noted.

Kagame told gathered participants to set ambitious targets, strive for inclusive development leaving no one behind to achieve a desired level of satisfaction.
“Apart from the vision therefore, you also have to have an ambition. You need to have a drive you want to achieve. In this achieving, there is no body excluded including you. Achieving gives you a level of satisfaction,” he stressed.

“But do you want to achieve alone, be satisfied alone. Then you will have breached certain rules of the principles I was talking about. Because you can’t be happy alone until members of the team and beyond are also happy. You need to be thinking of others,” emphasized Kagame.

The President also reminded participants of their duties to promote football on African continent.

“If we carry in our minds the convergence we are talking about, we have duty to football, to Africa and Africans as well. So what do we aspire in delivering our mission as representatives, leaders of football and sports but also what does that mean to our continent. No one of us here doesn’t know our problems whether it is in politics but I will not talk about that for today. In fact, that means, we also have problems in our football organizations and we affect each other. Again there is that convergence,” he noted.

“For football, we know what we represent and what we want, what is our mission, what we feel as individuals that you should be looking at or be doing differently for us to be able to deliver our mission of improving politics or particularly football on our continent. I guess this is our task,” stated Kagame.

The main items on the Executive Committee Agenda relate to the implementation of the Pan-African Schools Football Championship, the CAF/FIFA Refereeing Agreement and the FIFA-CAF USD 1 billion Infrastructure Development project.

Amongst some of the matters under discussions are 2022-2024 competitions calendar and the challenges relating to the pre-match Covid-19 testing.

The Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger who currently serves as the world football body FIFA Chief of Global Football Development also attended the meeting in which he shared an insight into prospects to promote football.

President Paul Kagame with Gianni Infantino (left) and Dr Patrice Motsepe (right).