Kagame urges newly commissioned RDF officers to remain steadfast in face of any threats to national security

On 15 April 2024 at 05:48

President Paul Kagame, on Monday 15th April, 2024, officiated the 11th intake of Officer Basic Training, commissioning 624 officer cadets who graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant in Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) at Rwanda Military Academy in Gako, Bugesera District.

Among the graduates, 51 are women, and 33 who completed military courses in partner countries.

During the ceremony, Kagame emphasized the crucial role of these officers in safeguarding Rwanda’s progress and peace. He urged them to remain steadfast in the face of any threats to national security, emphasizing the importance of dealing with such challenges decisively.

The newly commissioned officers took an oath pledging allegiance to Rwanda and its leadership, reaffirming their commitment to protecting national sovereignty.

Of them, 102 officers pursued long-term studies in various fields such as medicine, IT, social sciences, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, law, and mechanical engineering, reflecting the diverse expertise within the RDF.

Kagame commended the officers for their dedication to national security and their exemplary performance in academic pursuits. He expressed gratitude to partner countries for their support in providing training opportunities to Rwandan officers and acknowledged the crucial role of parents in encouraging their children to pursue careers in the military.

Addressing the officers directly, Kagame highlighted the importance of their role in preventing the recurrence of Rwanda’s dark past. He urged them to remain vigilant and resolute in protecting the country and its citizens from any threats, drawing upon the lessons learned from past tragedies.

"The history of our country is one where people were killed by fellow citizens, as a result of bad politics, both internally and externally. Children, the elderly, young men and women were asked to choose the weapon of their death. When a nation has reached this level of tragedy, it would be unthinkable for us to repeat this history," noted Kagame.

"The training of our armed forces, and the knowledge of our past, cannot allow for our tragic history to ever repeat itself in this country. That is your responsibility as the armed forces of this country: yours, the elders you are joining today and anyone who will come after you. And you must pursue it with dedication and integrity,” he added.

Using poignant examples, including the story of an elderly woman who defiantly faced her killers, Kagame emphasized the need for courage and resilience in the face of adversity. He urged the officers to reject any attempts to undermine Rwandan sovereignty and to defend their values and dignity at all costs.

Kagame reminded the officers to uphold their conscience and stand for truth and justice in their profession. He also warned against cowardice and urged them to ensure that those who attempt to threaten Rwanda face consequences for their actions.

President Kagame has urged newly commissioned RDF officers to remain steadfast in face of any threats to national security.
President Kagame has emphasized the crucial role of RDF officers in safeguarding Rwanda's progress and peace.
The pass out ceremony took place at Rwanda Military Academy in Gako, Bugesera District.