Kamonyi maize farmers upbeat as land consolidation yields big

On 14 January 2021 at 10:13

Farmers in Kamonyi district grouped in ‘Indatwa za Kamonyi’ cooperative are signaling triumph after exponential increase of maize produce resulting from embraced modern agriculture and land consolidation policy.

Licensed in December 2017, the cooperative which grows maize and vegetables in Ruboroga and Kibyeyi marshlands comprises of 1442 members of whom 580 are women.

Erneste Tuyisenge, the President of ‘Indatwa za Kamonyi’ cooperative that practices agriculture on 130 hectares, has told IGIHE that consolidating land and respecting advises from agronomists was the enabler to attain increased productivity.

“We initially resisted land consolidation policy but changed mindsets overtime that we embraced it and multiplied produce. We started harvesting 1.5 ton per hectare but we have improved considerably that we currently register 5.3 tons per hectare. This reflects how far we have progressed,” he said.

Cooperative members have been equipped with advanced farming techniques and knowledge on the right application of fertilizers that they increased productivity and became financially stable farmers who attest transformed livelihoods.

“With income from the cooperative, I have bought a cow, plot of land and built a house and subscribe my family for Mutuelle de Santé on time,” said Véréna Uwimana from Mugina sector.

According to Tuyisenge, the cooperative is planning to increase produce to 8 tons per hectare and set up a plant manufacturing maize flour to generate more income.