Kayonza: Man suspected of killing wife, child before taking own life

By Esther Muhozi
On 7 February 2024 at 11:00

On the evening of Tuesday, February 6, 2024, a heartbreaking incident occurred in Humure Village, Kiyovu cell, Ndego Sector, Kayonza District, involving a 30-year-old man suspected of murdering his wife and three-year-old child before taking his own life by hanging. The tragedy is believed to be a culmination of prolonged disputes within the family.

Rwandan Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, SP Twizeyimana Hamduni, shared details, stating, "That family lived in the Southern Province and lived in conflict. They left that Province and went to live in Ndego Sector. They bought a house that the man registered on himself without telling the wife. The conflict continued."

He continued, "On January 30, they got into trouble and went to the village office and said that they will not have any more problems after reconciliation."

SP Twizeyimana also noted that after this encounter, neighbors saw the family once more on a Saturday but didn’t witness their presence afterward.

The tragic discovery came to light when concerned residents reported a strange smell, leading the police to investigate.

SP Twizerimana explained, "Yesterday, the people called the police and said that there might be a problem in the house next to them because there is a strong smell. The police went there together with the local authorities, they broke the padlock, entered and found a man hanging from a rope. They entered another room and found a woman with her head cut off, and their child, a machete was also found on the scene."

Regarding the investigation, SP Twizerimana said, "So far, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau has started an investigation to find out what killed him, but it is said that the man who killed them ended up killing himself."

The police spokesperson emphasized the role of substance abuse, stating, "People should avoid alcohol and other drugs because they cause conflicts."

He also urged individuals to refrain from infidelity, noting, "they are also causes of conflicts at home." Furthermore, he appealed to residents to seek assistance from local authorities instead of hiding their problems until they escalate to such tragic outcomes.