Things to know about upcoming International Conference on Government and Communication

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 9 August 2023 at 03:59

The Holding Opinion and Public (THOP) Institute is gearing up to host the inaugural Conférence Internationale sur les Governments et les Communications (CIGC) at the Pullman Hotel in Abidjan on November 10, 2023, with Opinion & Public BCW serving as the lead sponsor.

Opinion & Public, is a leading multilingual Francophone and West African public relations firm. The CIGC is set to become an annual platform for public sector communication professionals to exchange ideas, delve into the latest trends, and redefine their approaches.

The theme for the debut event is "Fostering Trust between Youth and Government," with the conference attracting prominent government communication experts from around the globe.

In an interview with IGIHE, Kwame Senou, the Founder and Senior Adviser of Opinion & Public BCW, shed light on the conference’s highlights.

He explained that attendees should anticipate insightful presentations, hands-on workshops, and engaging discussions covering a range of topics such as crisis communication, youth engagement, countering misinformation, and leveraging new media.

The conference also pledges a distinctive networking opportunity, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals and explore innovative and effective communication strategies with industry leaders. Notable speakers include Alex Aiken, Executive Director of the United Kingdom Government Communications Services, and Annie Mutamba, co-founder of Africa Communications Week, alongside other seasoned communication professionals.

Conference’s ideation

In a world increasingly embracing the digital revolution, African governments are working harder than ever to maintain their status as trustworthy sources of information. Over the past decade, changes in public sector operations and the surge in digital platform usage by citizens have elevated communication demands.

According to Kwame, the CIGC provides an excellent platform for participants to engage with industry luminaries, explore how public sector communication can bolster trust among young people and their governments, and acquire pertinent skills to achieve this goal.

"We’re thrilled to host this annual event and eagerly welcome government agencies, public institutions, international organizations, media, and educational institutions to join the conference," he enthused.


As Kwame indicated, approximately 150 communication officials, top diplomats, business directors, and academic scholars in public governance are expected to attend. Attendees will have the chance to interact with over 50+ government officials, top diplomats, business directors, and academic scholars in public governance. They can engage with experienced speakers on current issues to strengthen existing business objectives.

Envisaged outcomes and impact

Kwame also elucidated that the conference’s primary objectives revolve around several key pillars. The event aims to foster capacity-building and developmental opportunities through immersive workshops and engaging dialogues.

"Moreover, we’re dedicated to nurturing a collaborative ecosystem that not only generates business prospects but also encourages innovation among esteemed industry experts," he emphasized.

The conference is set to receive substantial media exposure through reputable media outlets and journalists in attendance, resulting in the dissemination of numerous stories across traditional, online, and social platforms.

Kwame underscored that the decision to organize this conference stems from a profound commitment to establish a robust information infrastructure supporting world-class communication practices within Africa’s public sector.

"Considering these goals, the overarching message we intend to convey to governments is two-fold. Firstly, while there’s an imperative to enhance communication strategies across key stakeholders, it’s equally crucial to recognize and prioritize communication with one of the most pivotal demographics – the youth. This strategic emphasis on engaging the youth underscores the fundamental essence of our theme and echoes the pivotal role they play as stakeholders," he articulated.

Kwame asserted that, essentially, the conference serves as a potent platform to emphasize the significance of effective and inclusive communication, particularly with the youth. He believes that through this effort, the firm aims to strengthen the bonds of trust between governments and the younger generation, fostering a more connected, informed, and harmonious society.


Opinion & Public BCW stands as a premier multilingual Francophone and West African public relations firm.

It represents WPP’s BCW brand in Ivory Coast. The firm’s mission revolves around facilitating impactful conversations that shape and influence public opinion, empowering organizations to attain their objectives in the African context.

With its comprehensive array of services, the firm offers tailored communication strategies to ensure client messages resonate with their intended audiences.

From thorough research and analysis to media relations management, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, and content creation, Opinion & Public BCW provides a holistic approach to guide brands through the intricacies of organizational communications and reputation management.

Besides, the firm boasts a team of experts equipped with the insights and tools necessary to make informed business decisions, driven by the goal of effecting meaningful change in people’s lives.

Opinion & Public BCW is predominantly owned by THOP The Holding Opinion and Public, a UK-registered communications group.

Genesis of establishment

Kwame revealed that Opinion & Public BCW emerged with dual objectives in mind. Firstly, its founders aimed to bridge the gap between Francophone and Anglophone Africa, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. Additionally, the firm aimed to serve as a valuable resource for multinational companies seeking to operate or introduce their offerings to the Francophone African market.

"In addition, a significant focus of our mission has been to empower governments with the knowledge and tools required for effective communication strategies. We recognize the vital role that proficient communication plays in connecting governments with their diverse audiences, ensuring that their messages resonate and foster understanding," he stated.

Kwame also shed light on the firm’s aspiration, where it seeks to drive exponential growth for the agency on the continent while concurrently expanding its range of services. "We are committed to consistently securing awards and pioneering innovative initiatives to further enhance our achievements," he concluded.

Kwame has said that the CIGC provides an excellent platform for participants to engage with industry luminaries, explore how public sector communication can bolster trust among young people and their governments, and acquire pertinent skills to achieve this goal.